All hell broke loose after Donald Trump reignited his feud with Megyn Kelly by uttering one sentence

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It’s no secret that Donald Trump and Megyn Kelly have gone back and forth between loving and hating one another.

That song and dance is apparently not over.

 And all hell broke loose after Donald Trump reignited his feud with Megyn Kelly by uttering one sentence.

During a campaign rally in Rome, Georgia, former President Donald Trump reignited his feud with ex-Fox News host Megyn Kelly.

Recalling their infamous clash at a 2015 GOP Presidential debate, Trump couldn’t resist taking a jab at Kelly, who had posed a pointed question about his treatment of women. 

“Megyn Kelly – may she rest in peace,” Trump said with a smirk before mocking her for attempting to revive her career by pretending to support his efforts.

The feud between Trump and Kelly dates back to that pivotal debate moment, where Kelly confronted Trump about his derogatory remarks toward women. 

Trump’s response was swift and brutal, launching a barrage of insults at Kelly.

Despite Kelly’s subsequent departure from Fox News for a short-lived stint at NBC, during which she found herself embroiled in controversy over comments about blackface, she has since essentially attempted to portray herself as a female Tucker Carlson in order to bring attention to her podcast.

Hosting a conservative podcast and openly criticizing “wokeism,” Kelly has made no secret of her attempts to align herself with Trump’s base.

But while Kelly is attempting to align herself with the America First movement, Trump’s recent comments suggest that the rift between them remains far from healed. 

Despite Kelly’s efforts to mend fences, including a one-hour interview in which she rather embarrassingly completely fell on her sword, praising the former President for how he handled their feud, Trump’s attitude toward her seems unchanged.

During a rally in Iowa last September, Trump remarked on Kelly’s perceived change in demeanor, describing her as “nasty,” and suggesting that she had become increasingly hostile. 

Despite her continued defenses of Trump since their interview, he has shown little inclination to reciprocate her attempts at reconciliation.

Perhaps there’s more going on behind the curtain than the public realizes.

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