This MLB game was forced into a hours-long delay for one wild reason that has PETA ready to pounce

Craftworker, CC BY 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Major League Baseball is back in full-swing.

It has been the case that baseball continues to produce some of the more bizarre moments you’ll ever see in a sporting competition.

But this MLB game was forced into a hours-long delay for one wild reason that has PETA ready to pounce.

A bad case of hive mindset

Everyone has heard stories about construction on buildings and other projects halting because of a protecting animal inhabiting the area.

Back in 1975, the building of a much-needed federal dam in Tennessee came crashing down because of a supposedly “endangered” snail darter – a 3.5-inch fish.

One snail darter supposedly on the verge of extinction brought down a huge taxpayer-funded infrastructure project.

But 46-years later, the tiny fish was removed from the endangered species list.

In 2010, the Preble’s meadow jumping mouse chewed up Colorado’s efforts to urbanize the state’s Front Range region.

A massive area of Nevada is off-limits because of Burrowing Owls – owls that aren’t even capable of flight.

But the animal kingdom took things too far when it interrupted an early-season MLB game between NL West rivals, the Los Angeles Dodger and Arizona Diamondbacks.

MLB wings it for the start time of this game

Prior to the start of the game, a massive colony of bees was discovered at Chase Field in Phoenix, Arizona.

No, this is not a story from the creative minds of the humorists at the Babylon Bee.

The facts come from the journalists at Bounding into Sports.

Apparently, the worker bees in the hive were following government labor laws and taking a break from slaving for their queen.

They were hoping to enjoy some R&R while watching their hometown Diamondbacks challenging the visiting Dodgers.

But officials at the stadium swarmed to the scene and made a controversial decision that left fans in attendance buzzing.

Bounding into Sports is reporting that just prior to the opening pitch, the game was immediately delayed.

Three stings and you’re out

Delaying the game may have been the wisest move available.

Afterall, Diamondbacks officials would have never recovered from the sting had PETA or other crazy animal rights activists learned of any bees being harmed in the playing of the game.

Just imagine the chaos the left-wing outrage mob would bring to Chase Field if a wild pitch or foul ball clipped the wing of one of the little Diamondback fans.

Afterall, the bee colony was found almost directly behind home plate.

And it could have been a mess for players as well.

The game may have been played under protest had a player been called out while sliding into home only after getting stuck in some spilled honey.

Delaying the game may have also been the safest play for fans too.

Both teams took the delay in good humor.

According to Bounding into Sports, the Diamondbacks staff asked fans to “please bee patient” before playing The Beatles’ “Let It Be.”

That’s some clever pun work in action.

Meanwhile, the Dodgers’ social media team decided to run a bee pun contest for fans.

Submissions to the bee pun contest included lines like, “I don’t know what all the buzz is about, let’s just play,” “at this rate, just wing it,” and “what do the dodgers do after they win a game, they celebrate with hive fives.”

For the Diamondbacks, this is actually the second time they’ve faced such a delay.

Back in 2014, Arizona delayed a game against the San Francisco Giants over a bee infestation.

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