This horrifying story is a harsh reminder of why abortion needs to end worldwide

Photo by Victoria Akvarel from Pexels

Pro-life advocates have worked tirelessly for decades to try to change the way people view abortion.

But Democrats have brainwashed the population into thinking that unborn children simply don’t matter.

And now this horrifying story is a harsh reminder of why abortion needs to end worldwide.

“Unwanted or coerced” abortions

Pro-abortion activists typically describe their position as “pro-choice,” but the consequences of abortion don’t always come with an elective decision.

At times, this horrific practice is forced on women by the man who got them pregnant, or others close to them.

The Charlotte Lozier Institute (CLI) published a study last year that found that nearly 70% of women who undergo abortions indicate their abortion was the result of some level of coercion. 

The study concludes that the overwhelming majority of women that have “a history of abortion describe their abortion as inconsistent with their own values and preferences.”

Approximately 25% of those women say that the abortions they’ve had were “unwanted or coerced.” 

This comes at a time when abortion has reached an on-demand status with easy access to abortion pills that can be prescribed over the phone and received by mail.

But the widespread abortion industry also creates another dark possibility. 

And it just played out at a hospital in Prague.

Case of mistaken identity results in the death of an unborn child

Czech CNN affiliate, Prima News published a story that tells a harrowing story of an expectant mother that visited Bulovka University Hospital in March. 

The woman went in for a four-month checkup with her OBGYN when the doctors made a terrible mistake.

The pregnant mother was in the waiting room when a nurse called her name to go back to the exam room. 

The woman didn’t realize that someone by the same name was there for a curettage to remove tissue from her uterus. 

The procedure is usually reserved for a woman who has already had a miscarriage. 

In this case it caused the woman to have an abortion.

Now, the hospital is rightly under fire and struggling to explain the circumstances of the visit. 

Employees involved face six months to four years in prison

An anonymous source contacted CNN and seemed to try to put the blame on the traumatized mother. 

The source claimed that the woman “willingly let herself be prepared for the operation,” and “nodded” when the doctors addressed her by name. 

But a hospital spokesperson said that it was only able to happen due to “a serious violation of internal regulations on the part of the employees.” 

The employees have been suspended and the hospital has now apologized and offered to “do everything possible to mitigate the damage. . . and also compensate her.”

The employees are now facing criminal charges, and could end up facing prison time for the horrific mistake. 

“They face a prison sentence of six months to four years,” a lawyer told CNN. 

This is just another saddening example of the consequences of an industry that should never have been allowed in the first place. 

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