The British National Health Service just made a major announcement about “male breastfeeding” that will definitely freak you out

Photo by FransA from Pexels

The radical Left has a concerning obsession with kids.

They seem desperately fixated on imposing their radical, immoral philosophies on our children.

And the British National Health Service just made a major announcement about “male breastfeeding” that will definitely freak you out.

If you want a sneak peek at the direction Democrats are pushing the United States towards, the United Kingdom is a perfect place to start.

Often, policies pursued by European socialists become policies championed by Democrats, like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (Socialist-NY) and Senator Bernie Sanders (Socialist-VT).

The rise of woke gender extremism in the United States is one example of those radical philosophies, as radical Leftists are pushing for policies that are rooted in destroying the traditional family picture.

They have done this by claiming that there is no biological difference between males and females, a claim that appears to exist in our very own Supreme Court thanks to Biden’s appointment of Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson.

Out of all of the controversial positions spawned from this radical Left philosophy, one sticks out in the most disgusting of ways.

The Left has been promoting ‘chestfeeding’ to encourage men to fully identify as women during the parenting process.

This disturbing act is child abuse, plain and simple.

There is no reason at all for a man to simulate breastfeeding with a child, just for his own, selfish gratification.

Recently, the Left discovered a new way to fight back against the argument that ‘chestfeeding’ serves no real purpose for the child that traditional breastfeeding would – progestin and Domperidone.

This chemical cocktail has gained popularity in the United Kingdom by biological men who wish to force their bodies to develop the glands necessary for breastfeeding.

Progestin is a drug that helps develop milk glands, while Domperidone – which is sold under the brand name Motilium – is a drug that, in serious cases, is prescribed to women who are struggling to produce milk during breastfeeding.

According to Breitbart, “some doctors in the UK have prescribed hormone-altering medication to transgender patients, despite the drug’s manufacturer warning against such usage over potential risks to the hearts of babies who ingest it.”

The manufacturer warns that “small amounts have been detected in breastmilk. Motilium may cause unwanted side effects affecting the heart in a breastfed baby. [It] should be used during breastfeeding only if your physician considers this clearly necessary.”

Ignorant to these facts, the United Kingdom’s National Health Service is defying the warning by claiming that it is perfectly safe for the male and the infant.

It is clear that this move is solely motivated by the woke extremist desires of the NHS.

While the FDA has rejected Domperidone use in the United States multiple times over, it is hard to envision that this long-standing position will be able to withstand Democrats’ push for woke extremism for much longer.

America’s children should not be used as tools for the radical Left to force their abusive, immoral to practice on.

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