Ohio’s RINO Governor vetoed legislation that would protect children. But the state Senate just put him on notice with one defiant move.

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The Ohio state legislature passed the SAFE Act in an effort to protect minors from the woke extremist effort to subject them to 

Ohio’s RINO Governor bent the knee to woke extremists and vetoed the legislation.

But the state Senate just put him on notice with one defiant move.

Ohio legislature joined the effort to protect children from transgender surgeries in December

Over the past several years, Democrats have been pushing the narrative that when it comes to gender there are no biological truths. 

Activist educators within the government-controlled school system are encouraging children as young as kindergarten to undergo dangerous, irreversible sex change operations and receive hormone injections.

In fact, they’re not only encouraging it – in many cases, these woke extremists are also facilitating the procedures for children under the age of 18 without informing their parents or guardians.

But these surgeries and drugs are dangerous, and have permanent life-altering consequences.

President Joe Biden has championed so-called “gender-affirming care,” and invited controversial woke extremist activists, like Dylan Mulvaney, into the White House. 

In 2021, working class Americans finally began to push back on the insanity with SAFE Act bills introduced in over 21 states. 

The Save Adolescents from Experimentation Acts are designed to ban medical assistance in transitioning for minors, and stop this social contagion from spreading. 

In 2023, Ohio joined the list of states standing for American children when their legislature passed the bill in December, sending it to RINO Governor Mike DeWine’s desk.

DeWine says these “gut-wrenching decisions” are for doctors and parents

But DeWine took the unbelievable step of vetoing Ohio’s SAFE Act, showing America just how he feels about protecting kids. 

The RINO Governor said outright that he was more concerned about protecting transgender children from the commonsense bill than protecting innocent children from being mutilated.

“Ultimately, I believe this is about protecting human life,” DeWine claimed. “Many parents have told me that their child would be dead today, if they had not received the treatment, they received from one of Ohio’s children’s hospitals,” he told reporters following the veto.

DeWine hid behind parental rights, claiming that the “gut-wrenching decisions” should only involve parents and the “teams of doctors who are advising them.”

Governor DeWine was afraid that he would be telling parents that “the government knows… what is medically best for a child.” 

However, many Ohioans believe that parents should not be able to submit their child to genital mutilation.

Ohio legislature sends a clear message to DeWine

The Ohio legislature immediately responded to his veto, vowing to override it with a supermajority in the House and Senate. 

On January 24, they passed the SAFE Act with a vote of 65 to 28 in the House of Representatives, and 28 to 4 in the Senate. 

Now, the use of cross-sex hormones, puberty blockers, and transgender surgeries on minors will be outlawed in Ohio.

One of the bill’s sponsors, Senator Michael Rulli, celebrated the override with a post on social media.

“I proudly stood up for parents and kids across Ohio and voted to override Gov. DeWine’s veto of 68!” he wrote.

Rulli added that the bill would not only protect children “from dangerous experimental gender surgeries,” but also it will keep biological men who claim to be women out of women’s sports.

DeWine’s Press Secretary did not issue any additional comments, saying that “his previous comments on the bill and his veto reflect his position on the issue.”

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