John Kennedy’s epic takedown of so-called “Bidenomics” will leave you rolling in laughter

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Senator John Kennedy certainly has a way with words.

His rants against Democrats’ nonsense are always must-see events.

And now John Kennedy’s epic takedown of so-called “Bidenomics” will leave you rolling in laughter.

Since Joe Biden assumed the Presidency, Americans’ real earnings have plummeted as prices outpace wages.

Inflation is wreaking havoc on Americans’ finances

Inflation-adjusted weekly earnings are down about 5% since Biden took office.

The drop in real earnings has been compounded by the fact that the cost of borrowing money has skyrocketed over the past three years.

The combination of these two sad realities means that the average working-class family has lost the equivalent of almost $7,400 in annual income. 

For aspiring homeowners, the situation is even worse. 

The monthly mortgage payment on a median-price home has more than doubled under the Biden Presidency, and will cost a family an extra $13,000 every year for the same house.

But like his fellow Democrats, President Biden is nothing if not stubborn.

None of these facts have prevented Biden from touting (and distorting) his woeful economic record.

For months, Biden has utilized the select few campaign stops he’s actually made to tout the supposed virtues of so-called “Bidenomics.”

But polling has consistently shown that most Americans aren’t buying it, and that includes Senator John Kennedy (R-LA), who took so-called “Bidenomics” to task during a recent appearance on Fox News’ Hannity.

“Blame big oil, blame big business,” Sean Hannity said to Kennedy. “The border isn’t his fault, nothing’s his fault,” Hannity said. “Everything is Trump’s fault. The border’s safe and secure, but now it’s the Republicans’ fault. When you think of this number, that Americans spend more on food, more of their income as a percentage on food than at any other point in the past 30 years, Senator. I think those people see and feel the real impact of ‘Bidenomics’ in real-time. Will they get away with this shifting of blame?”

Kennedy answered that he believes that Americans will see through Biden’s rhetoric, “Unless you were homeschooled by a day drinker.”

“The President is polling right up there with chlamydia.”

“So much of the attention right now is on present Biden’s age,” Kennedy added. “It’s true that it takes longer than a trip to Jupiter for him to walk across the stage. But we can’t lose sight of the fact that his economic policies have been, almost every time, reliably and dependably wrong. His inflation is a cancer on the American dream. And the American people have figured it out and that’s why if you believe the polls, the President is polling right up there with chlamydia.”

That’s certainly one way to drive the point home, and the Senator is correct.

Recent polling released by Gallup continues to show abysmal results for President Biden.

The poll showed that Biden’s overall approval rating has declined to 38%.

On the economy, Biden fared even worse, as only 36% of respondents approve of Biden’s handling of the economy with 61% disapprove.

This comes on the heels of polling from Emerson, which indicates that former President Donald Trump is also leading Biden in the most crucial battleground states in the 2024 election.

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