Gavin Newsom is going into damage control mode after his Democrat-controlled state government exposed one horrifying fact

Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Democrat-controlled California has been on the decline for decades now.

But no one knew things were quite this bad on the west coast.

And now Gavin Newsom is going into damage control mode after his Democrat-controlled state government exposed one horrifying fact.

Recent figures from the California Employment Development Department have revealed that Democrat-controlled California now has the highest unemployment rate in the nation, soaring to a staggering 5.3% last month.

But the devastation doesn’t end there.

Federal data paints an even bleaker picture, exposing that California added a mere 50,000 jobs in the span of a year, a far cry from the initially reported 300,000.

The Golden State’s economic growth has plummeted, leaving millions of working class Americans stranded in the wake of Governor Gavin Newsom’s disastrous policies.

The draconian lockdown measures imposed by Newsom at the onset of the pandemic crippled California’s economy, leading to a loss of 2.7 million jobs.

While the state has managed to recover some ground with 3 million jobs coming back after COVID, the scars of Newsom’s misguided decisions continue to haunt Californians.

As unemployment skyrockets, so does the state’s budget deficit, plunging California into a financial abyss for the second consecutive year.

While the Newsom regime reported a staggering $37.9 billion deficit in January, experts warn that the true figure could be as high as $73 billion, spelling financial catastrophe for the Democrat-controlled state.

In the face of this economic turmoil, Republican state Rep. James Gallagher, the Minority Leader of California State Assembly, minced no words, slamming Newsom’s far-Left agenda for driving the state into the ground.

“Who would have guessed that high taxes, expensive energy, and rampant crime are bad for the economy?” Gallagher exclaimed to Fox Business.

“If Democrats don’t stop punishing job creators and rewarding criminals, things are only going to get worse,” he added.

Meanwhile, in stark contrast to California’s economic woes, states like Florida and Texas are thriving under pro-growth, free market policies.

Unemployment rates in these states have remained under 4% in February, with Texas adding nearly 340,000 new jobs and Florida adding over 235,000 in the span of a year.

The economic success of Florida and Texas stands as a testament to the power of free market principles.

While California languishes in economic despair, these states are reaping the rewards of fiscal responsibility and pro-business policies.

With record surpluses in their budgets, Texas and Florida are poised for even greater prosperity in the years to come.

As California grapples with its economic nightmare, the contrasting fortunes of conservative-led states serve as a stark reminder that the path to prosperity lies in embracing pro-growth policies and rejecting Democrats’ failed socialist agenda.

It’s time for California to wake up and take decisive action before it’s too late.

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