CNN’s Wolf Blitzer literally couldn’t keep his lunch down after this Democrat Congressman told this disgustingly absurd lie

Photo by Ayush, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Flickr,

We all know that the ruling class elites tell plenty of lies.

Some are easier to stomach than others.

And CNN’s Wolf Blitzer literally couldn’t keep his lunch down after this Democrat Congressman told this disgustingly absurd lie.

Do Democrats ever stop lying?

When politicians have no policies to run on they often resort to lying to win votes.

And as most of America knows, the whole Democrat platform is built on lies.

Remember how “if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor” worked out under Obamacare?

So it’s no surprise that when Democrats go on the news, they are spewing out lies and fabrications that their supporters eat up as gospel.

You often even have reporters helping push the lies by either nodding in agreement when they are spewed by Democrats or providing softball questions to allow Democrats to lie.

And like all other pathological liars, when Democrat politicians are given the chance to lie without any repercussions or pushback, they will continue to lie.

That’s why Democrats almost always refuse to go on news shows that push back against their lies.

They want a friendly environment as they know their lies can’t stand any real direct questioning or pushback.

But Democrats aren’t sure how to respond to Wolf Blitzer’s reaction to their latest lies.

Blitzer is always complacent and willing to push Democrats’ lies.

But it looks like their latest lie is even too much for the seasoned CNN news anchor.

Late last week, Blitzer was hosting his CNN show and was getting his daily dose of the Democrat lies from Congressman Jamie Raskin (D-MD).

Wolf couldn’t take no more

This time the topic was about the Supreme Court hearing Colorado’s attempt to remove Trump from their election ballot.

Right in the middle of Congressman Raskin’s rant on CNN, viewers started to notice that Blitzer was looking a little sick live on-air.

The famed news anchor was standing there swaying side-to-side, giving a blank gaze into the camera.

But then, Blitzer started to gasp for air and shocked fans when it looked like he was swallowing something in his mouth.

Anyone who has had food poisoning knows that look.

The lies coming from Raskin were so bad that Blitzer had to throw up after hearing them.

Blitzer’s upchuck face was the last image people saw of the news anchor for the rest of the night.

When asked about the sick situation, CNN told The Washington Post that, “Wolf wasn’t feeling 100% while anchoring Thursday night.”

Blitzer’s reaction to Congressman Raskin’s lies was the perfect encapsulation of how bad things were for Democrats last week.

Between Biden looking like a nursing home escapee to the Supreme Court drilling Colorado for their actions against Trump, last week couldn’t have gone much worse.

Do Democrats’ lies make you sick?