What happened inside the LA Dodgers’ dugout prior to a recent ceremonial first pitch will leave you rolling in laughter

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

Baseball fans cannot hold back their excitement. 

After six weeks of being teased by meaningless Spring Training games Major League Baseball’s Opening Day is upon us.

But what happened inside the LA Dodgers’ dugout prior to a recent ceremonial first pitch will leave you rolling in laughter.

MLB is going global more than ever

According to the prevailing wisdom of Las Vegas sportsbooks, the super team the Los Angeles Dodgers’ billionaire owners purchased this season are the preseason favorites to win the World Series.

But more than any major professional sport, anything can happen in baseball.

Just look at the 2023 Texas Rangers, who were a dismal 68-94 in 2022, hadn’t even been to the playoffs since 2018, and were a Wild Card team heading into last year’s playoffs, but still emerged as World Series Champions after going 13-4 throughout their playoff run.

In the lead up to Opening Day this year, Major League Baseball continued its 25-year tradition of hosting a World Tour in which MLB teams travel internationally during spring training to compete in exhibitions for baseball fans who would typically not be able to travel to a game stateside.

But some years, MLB has experimented with allowing at least two of those exhibitions to count as regular season games for the participating teams.

And that was again the case this year, as the LA Dodgers and San Diego Padres traveled to Seoul, South Korea to compete in four Spring Training exhibition games against local, South Korean teams, and two regular season games against one another in what MLB dubbed “The MLB World Tour: Seoul Series.”

Before these exciting matchups, the Dodgers faced off against the Kiwoom Heroes on Sunday, attracting thousands of South Korean baseball fans. 

South Korean actress Jeon Jong-seo threw out the first pitch, which seemed to attract the attention of the Dodgers’ dugout. 

Jong-seo has risen to the very top of Korea’s booming entertainment industry, and many regard her as one of the most attractive actresses in the world right now. 

Barstool Sports chimed in on this spectacle, tweeting a video of the first pitch, adding, “Entire Dodgers’ dugout was ready to risk it all.”

In regards to the Seoul Series, both teams have expressed their excitement to play in such a historic and memorable series. 

Dodger Manager Dave Roberts spoke out about the event last December, saying, “I’m really looking forward to it, learning more about the culture, the city.”

He added, “Obviously there’s a lot of good ball players there, and so for us and the Padres to go over there and showcase and play two regular-season games, it’s good for baseball. I’m excited.”

And for Padres shortstop Ha-Seong Kim, this game has special meaning, considering he grew up just outside of Seoul and played for the Kiwoom Heroes from 2014-2020. 

Baseball’s future

As the World Baseball Classic has proven over the past decade, while MLB has failed to keep up with other pro sports leagues in the U.S., like the NFL and NBA, baseball is doing just fine internationally.

In fact, it’s more popular than ever throughout Asia and Latin America.

This explains why many rising stars have come from these parts of the world, causing Major League Baseball to invest heavily in these markets.  

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