Tucker Carlson’s warning about the “acceleration” of a “dark force” will send a chill down your spine

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Many Americans are sick and tired of the state of politics in statehouses across the country.

But too many of us are blind to what is really going on with the sick agenda of the Democrat Party.

And Tucker Carlson’s warning about the “acceleration” of a “dark force” will send a chill down your spine.

Tucker Carlson’s warning

Speaking at a Turning Point USA event this past December, Tucker Carlson told the audience to be wary of the end goal of the ruling class elites in Washington, D.C. and around the world.

The goal is not simply to confuse children or open the borders, but to “destroy” everything that Americans hold near dear.

“The evidence unmistakably shows an acceleration in whatever this dark force is in this country whose only impulse is to destroy, not to improve or create, but to destroy, and it’s all around us,” he said.

And no one needs to look further than Democrats’ favorite topics.

Biblical figures would “instantly recognize” what is happening

“You can reduce all these debates about climate, crime, all the weird sex stuff” to one thing, according to Carlson. 

This is a war against people of faith.

“If they’re promising you the opportunity to castrate your children, what are they really promising? No grandchildren. The end of your line,” he said at a Republican fundraising event over the weekend.

Carlson warned that ideologues are targeting people of faith to extinguish religion in our nation. 

“What they’re promising you, every person in this room, is no descendants,” he said adding “it’s really that simple.”

Carlson explained that many Biblical figures would have seen exactly what they are trying to achieve through this means. 

“Soloman [and] David would like instantly recognize that as an act of total war against you and your people. . . because that’s what that is,” he said.

Creating “chaos out of order” can only mean one thing

Turning to illegal immigration, Carlson said that their interest is in destroying what “the ancestors of every American, spent 250 years building.” 

Those aligned with this “dark force” are seeking to create “social chaos” that will in turn destroy God’s order.

“We don’t appreciate the importance of order. In the spiritual realm, what’s the first thing that God did?” he asked the audience. 

The answer, “God created order out of chaos.” 

“Order out of chaos. . . is the first and most obvious sign of good. Chaos out of order is the most obvious sign of evil,” Carlson said.

Carlson said that’s how he knows he is on the right side of history. 

“If you’re creating chaos, you are, by definition, acting on behalf of evil. It’s literally that simple,” he said in closing. 

The remarks come amid cultural conditions in our nation that make his view impossible to reject. 

The United States is facing an unmitigated disaster. 

And it does seem purposeful. 

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