This Super Bowl-winning quarterback has NFL executives on edge after he flipped the script on their woke obsession

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In just a matter of days the Kansas City Chiefs will face the San Francisco 49ers in the Super Bowl.

The National Football League has been teaming up with Democrats’ media allies to turn the annual event into a woke festival. 

But this Super Bowl-winning quarterback has NFL executives on edge after he flipped the script on their woke obsession.

Shut up and play

The NFL has decided to go all-in on woke extremism. 

They backed the Black Lives Matter rioters, enforced draconian pandemic protocols, and have fully embraced Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion – or as Republican Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida calls it, “Discrimination, Exclusion, and Indoctrination.” 

But despite off-and-on boycotts of the league over the past few years – which have cost the league many millions of dollars in revenue – the National Retail Federation estimates about 200 million American adults will watch Super Bowl LVIII on February 11. 

That doesn’t mean all of the viewers agree with the NFL’s alignment with woke extremism, nor do all of the current and former players in the league. 

And now, one Super Bowl-winning quarterback is speaking out against arguably President Joe Biden’s biggest failures. 

“I’m the punky QB known as McMahon”

Back in 1985, former Chicago Bears quarterback Jim McMahon led the team to one of the best seasons in NFL history – having possibly the best defense in NFL history certainly helped too.

They went 15-1 during the regular season, and dominated the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl with McMahon rushing for two touchdowns in the game.

But it’s McMahon’s off-field antics that he will always be most remembered for. 

Before his Super Bowl appearance, McMahon mooned members of the media, and also appeared in the Bears’ notorious, Super Bowl Shuffle rap video. 

Never one to mince words, McMahon is remembered for his outspoken brashness. 

And it appears that hasn’t changed as he just owned President Joe Biden in a recent Fox News interview. 

The Super Bowl-winning quarterback was asked what he would do first if he were ever elected President of the United States. 

His answer was quick, simple, and to the point. 

“Close the damn border,” McMahon explained, before expounding on his answer. 

“I’d close the damn borders for one and then go find all the people that got in here illegally,” he added. “It’s ridiculous. We’re paying all this money as taxpayers, and it’s not helping us at all. We’re sending it all overseas, you know. Who knows where we’re sending it, but it’s not being used here in the states.”

But President Biden wasn’t the former quarterback’s only target. 

McMahon’s winning political platform

McMahon also took a shot at what California – the home of the NFC Champion San Francisco 49ers – has become under Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom.

“You look at California – they get the most money every year for homelessness, and they got the worst homeless population in the country or probably the world,” McMahon added. “There’s just so many things going wrong. We got to just stop the crazy spending and printing money and close our borders and let’s clean house.”

So in summation, if elected President, McMahon would fix the Biden border crisis, stop sending working class Americans’ tax dollars to foreign nations, clean up the homelessness problem, and cut spending to reduce inflation. 

Perhaps instead of watching Super Bowl Sunday, President Biden should just take notes on Jim McMahon’s interview.

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