This hero first responder put Jamaal Bowman in his place after his jaw-dropping 9/11 conspiracies came to light

Photo by Tim Eiden from Pexels

He’s angered plenty of firefighters and not just for his recent bad behavior.

Law enforcement and everyday New Yorkers have a beef with him over his radicalism as well.

And this hero first responder put Jamaal Bowman in his place after his jaw-dropping 9/11 conspiracies came to light.

Rep. Jamaal Bowman (D-NY) found himself in hot water in September.

The Democrat Congressman was caught on video pulling a fire alarm inside the U.S. Capitol building during a vote on a bill to avoid a government shutdown.

In an embarrassing spectacle, security footage showed Bowman trying to open a door leading out of the building before removing warning signs that identified the door as an “emergency exit.”

Rep. Bowman then pulled a fire alarm located next to the door and walked away.

For his stunt, he was censured by the House and pleaded guilty in October to a misdemeanor charge.

He was also forced to pay a $1,000 fine.

Bowman’s bone-headedness goes way back

After the incident, to redirect fallout, Bowman’s office sent out a list of talking points for like-minded Democrats to use to defend him, including calling Republicans “Nazis.”

But Bowman’s actions were far from just a momentary lapse in judgment.

He has a history of woke extremism, and as the information is coming to light, he’s now being called out for it and losing support.

The far-left group J Street even went so far as to rescind its endorsement of Bowman.

The reason is because Bowman praised anti-Israel author Norman Finkelstein, who celebrated Hamas’s October 7 terrorist attack on Israel as “heroic resistance.” 

Bowman had introduced Finkelstein during a panel discussion on the attack and spoke positively of the author.

“I’m also a bit starstruck, because I watch them all the time on YouTube,” Bowman said of Finkelstein. “You have given me the knowledge on YouTube before even coming here.”

But it was his recently unearthed comments from just after the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks that were too much for one fire commissioner.

In a blog post at the time, Bowman wrote a poem that cited conspiratorial documentary videos and suggested the U.S. government was involved in 9/11.

One video entitled, “Loose Change,” suggests that the U.S. government carried out the Sept. 11 attacks.

Bowman’s “hot take” has infuriated first responders.

“I’ve been dealing with these imbeciles for over 20 years now”

Thomas Von Essen served as the New York City Fire Commissioner from April 1996 to December 2001, and helped evacuate victims from the World Trade Center during the attacks.

“I’ve been dealing with these imbeciles for over 20 years now, where I’ve been accused of planting bombs every 10 floors in the Trade Center and things like that,” Von Essen told Politico.

Von Essen’s displeasure could have an outsized and unwelcome impact for Bowman.

The Democrat Congressman is enmeshed in a highly competitive primary campaign against Westchester County Executive George Latimer. 

According to Politico, Bowman’s poem has “all but disqualified” the congressman from receiving endorsements from New York City law enforcement groups.

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