This Democrat Senator threw one race baiting Hail Mary that will have you steaming mad

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It’s often said that desperate times call for desperate measures.

For a Democrat who is running for re-election in a state that seems to lean more towards Republicans with each election cycle and is forced to share a ballot with Joe Biden it doesn’t get more dire.

And this Democrat Senator threw one race baiting Hail Mary that will have you steaming mad.

Senator Sherrod Brown (D-OH) is facing severe headwinds.

Having had the fortune of running in the strongly Democrat-favored election cycles of 2006, 2012 and 2018, the radical left-wing Democrat has managed to stay afloat in a state that seems to be trending towards Republicans.

As Democrats continue to send working-class Americans a clear message that their concerns are secondary to the whims of the ruling class elite and woke left-wing outrage mob, the days in which the Buckeye State was a quintessential battleground state are long gone.

In fact, six months before the election, the Cook Political Report already lists Ohio and its 17 electoral votes as being “Safe Republican.”

Whenever victory is in doubt, count on Democrats to throw the race card out

This presents a huge problem for Brown, so he’s doing what Democrats always do when they fear being shown the door by the voters – he has decided to play the race card.

Knowing full well that Biden is struggling more than any Democrat Presidential candidate since at least 1960 to gain the support of black voters, Senator Brown has decided to forego tackling the state’s chronic fentanyl epidemic, the violence in Democrat-controlled cities and the slew of problems resulting from unchecked illegal immigration.

For Brown, this is the time to focus on what he calls the “public health crisis” of racism.


On Monday, Brown introduced “a resolution declaring racism a public health crisis.”

He’s calling for “a nationwide strategy to address health disparities and inequities across all sectors in society.” 

Complaining that there is a need for “dismantling systemic practices and policies that perpetuate racism,” Brown is requesting that “governments engage significant resources to empower the communities that are impacted.”

The bill claims that “black people are confronted and threatened by armed citizens while performing everyday tasks, such as jogging in neighborhoods, driving, or playing in a park.”

While that is no doubt true in some cases, it’s hardly the case that blacks alone have to deal with these occurrences, and they’ve only increased – for everyone – since the advent of woke criminal justice “reforms” instituted since the death of George Floyd in 2020.

It’s also true that Brown’s colleague, Senator John Fetterman (D-PA), chased a black man down the street with a shotgun in 2013, before holding him at gunpoint because he thought the man might have been involved in a shooting.

But don’t you worry, Fetterman, his fellow Democrats, and their media allies assured us there was no “profiling” involved in his decision to pick out a random black man and hold him at gunpoint.

Senator Fetterman is also strangely not a cosponsor of Brown’s bill.

“The myth of meritocracy”

In his resolution, Brown made some questionable assertions.

He claimed that “the myth of meritocracy” and “statements that convey color-blindness” are both “microaggressions” that “over time have a negative impact on physical health … and mental health” of minorities.

This is the same woke nonsense that is pervasive throughout college campuses, and has no business coming from a Senator representing a state as conservative as Ohio. 

In the end, embracing this kind of divisive racialist rhetoric to juice black voter turnout may not be enough to pull him across the finish line, but as a known leftist through and through he may not have any other cards to play.

In several recent polls, Brown is only gaining 38-42%, which is dangerous territory for an incumbent.

Ohio’s Republican Primary contest is this Tuesday.

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