This CNN anchor went mute after hearing the one simple reason Florida has less illegal alien crime than New York

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CNN is known for being extremely out of touch with the American people.

A quick glance at their programming and it is easy to see why working class Americans are fed up with their biased reporting.

And this CNN anchor went mute after hearing the one simple reason Florida has less illegal alien crime than New York.

CNN is just a laughably bad ‘news’ group.

The fake news that has been pushed out of this media group has been cause for outrage from all corners of the country.

Late last week, CNN’s Erica Hill devoted a segment to covering the recent incident in New York in which a group of illegal aliens beat two NYPD cops in Times Square.

The host then played the video of New York Democrat Governor Kathy Hochul responding to the incident.

In the clip, the disturbed Governor pleads, “get them all, and send them back,” referring to the attackers in the video.

“To hear her talk about that, it is also directly related to the fact that these were police officers,” Hill stated. “Does that have any impact? Does that change anything?”

CNN’s law enforcement analyst John Miller stepped in to respond, and the answer was enough to leave Hill stunned.

“These individuals, I went over their rap sheets yesterday,” Miller explained. “Multiple charges. Grand larceny, robbery, attempted robbery, grand larceny, grand larceny. This particular crew operated on mopeds and scooters.”

“And I’m looking at the dates that their arrests started, which is probably close to when they got here,” he added. “They’ve only been here a couple of months.”

Then, Miller hit the confused host with the hard-to-swallow truth.

“So what the detectives are telling me is, they have crews here that operate in New York, do all their stealing, then go to Florida to spend the money and then come back,” Miller said. “I’m like, ‘Why don’t they just stay and steal in Florida?’ They said, ‘Because there you go to jail.’”

The only response Hill had for that breakdown was, “oh,” followed by a few seconds of awkward silence.

The show’s co-host Phil Mattingly jumped in and broke the pause by saying “fascinating.”

This segment was reposted on social media by many, highlighting how ignorant biased organizations like CNN are to the realities of bad law.

Radical Left media groups, including CNN, promote soft-on-crime politicians in order to keep rubbing shoulders with the political elites.

When those politicians actually change policy to incorporate their radical agendas, the reporters act shocked and surprised to see the results.

According to the Daily Caller, “Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis responded to the clip on Friday during a press briefing, saying the criminals know they’ll be held accountable in the Sunshine State, receiving a round of applause.”

After the New York incident, four of the perpetrators were identified.

“Three more suspects remain at large,” The New York Post reported.

As if to just further confirm the irony, all five suspects were released this week without bail.

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