These sports commentators were rendered mute after this prolific blonde bombshell did the unthinkable

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Many athletes dream of securing a sponsorship deal even from a small company or organization.

Regardless of the sport, sponsorships allow athletes to make boatloads of money and generate additional publicity. 

But these sports commentators were rendered mute after this prolific blonde bombshell did the unthinkable.

The “world’s sexiest athlete”

In America, few keep up with the sport of professional running outside of those rare moments every four years during the summer Olympics when it just happens to be on their TV.

However, in Europe, the sport has a bit larger following, and German runner Alicia Schmidt has become one of the world’s most recognizable athletes. 

Schmidt, who has been given the title of the “world’s Sexiest athlete” by numerous publications and fans, boasts a massive online following with nearly 5 million followers on Instagram and over 2 million more on TikTok. 

As a result, potential sponsors are lining up to get her on board with their respective brands. 

However, Schmidt has made it clear that she does not just sign on to every brand that reaches out to her. 

“Two months ago I received an offer from a well-known brand,” she told the German publication Bild. ‘But I wasn’t 100 percent behind it. I don’t feel comfortable with that. That would have been in the mid to high six figures for a campaign.”

“In principle, I have to say that it is not easy for most German track and field athletes to make a living from sport,”she added.

Schmidt then discussed how difficult it can be to make money in sport.

“Of course there is money to be made through competitions. In most competitions you don’t make any money,” Schmidt explained. “Personally, I couldn’t live on these amounts alone, because for many competitions you still have travel and hotel costs, which aren’t always covered.”

“Most of us study part-time in order to build up a second source of income, or even have mini-jobs that we do on the side,” she continued.

As it stands, Schmidt’s top priority is to qualify and participate in the upcoming 2024 summer Olympics in Paris, where she hopes to represent Germany in a number of track and field events on the world stage. 

According to Schmidt, her best events are the 400m dash and the 400×4 relay. 

Schmidt’s unwillingness to compromise should inspire other athletes

In many cases, athletes will take whatever sponsorships come their way, regardless of the moral conflicts that they present. 

Many find Schmidt’s unwillingness to compromise on this front refreshing, especially in a world of hypocritically “woke” politics entangled in sports. 

In America for example, NBA star LeBron James loves to bash America and law enforcement officers despite cashing hundreds of millions of dollars in checks from Nike, which allegedly uses child and slave labor to make his shoe and apparel line. 

As a result, many have questioned his morals, and the morals of others who turn a blind eye to such alleged depravity.  

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