The studio behind Sound of Freedom just announced a new film that will surely have the waterworks flowing

Photo by Nathan Engel from Pexels

Hollywood executives seem to be thumbing their noses at audiences and purposely ignoring the message being sent as viewers vote with their dollars. 

Fortunately one studio is taking the hint and giving movie-goers the content they’re craving. 

And now the studio behind Sound of Freedom just announced a new film that will surely have the waterworks flowing.

A pattern to Hollywood’s hits and flops

Since the ruling class elites were gracious enough to allow theaters to reopen after the Big Government nightmare that was the period of COVID mandates and restrictions, things haven’t been going so well for the big Hollywood studios.

Movies that were expected to be blockbusters have been flops at the box office thanks to Hollywood’s obsession with pushing woke propaganda on audiences.

From all of the Disney remakes, like Peter Pan and Wendy and The Little Mermaid, to Pixar flicks aimed at children like Elementals, to Marvel movies like Ant Man 3 and The Marvels, it’s been one flop after the other from the Hollywood elites.

However, some movies are breaking through.

Non-woke movies, like Tom Cruise’s Top Gun Maverick, Chris Pratt’s Super Mario Brothers, and Chris Pine’s surprise hit Dungeons and Dragons, all exceeded expectations and turned into bonafide hits.

And the anti-human trafficking independent film Sound of Freedom enraged the woke left-wing outrage mob as it surged past woke movies, like the Indiana Jones reboot, to become the sleeper hit at the box office last year.

And now, the studio behind the film, Angel Studios, has chosen its next release.

Angel Studios is ready to release its Sound of Freedom successor

Angel Studios has purchased the rights to the story of Possum Trot, the true story of Bishop and First Lady Donna Martin and the Bennet Chapel church in the small town of Possum Trot, Texas.

The Martin’s led the rural town on a mission to help abandoned children. 

They were able to round up 22 families to help place 77 children from the local foster care system into loving homes.

The Martin’s kept the mission alive and have grown it into a national trend.

It’s sure to be a tear-jerker. 

The story of Possum Trot isn’t completely unrelated to Angel Studio’s first hit Sound of Freedom

Sound of Freedom focused on one FBI agent’s crusade to free children from the human sex slave trade and to capture the men and women responsible for it. 

As for Possum Trot, finding good homes for at-risk children actually reduces their risk of becoming a trafficking victim.

Sadly, kids in foster are more frequently targeted for trafficking than kids in good homes with loving parents. 

“[‘Possum Trot’] is a rare film that merges an incredible true story with the power to transform a critical issue facing our communities,” said Chief Distribution Office for Angel Studios Jared Geesey. “Our Angel Guild was deeply moved by the story. Last July 4, [‘Sound of Freedom’] brought issues of trafficking to the attention of millions, and we know that a staggering percentage of children from foster care become targets for trafficking. We hope to continue to build on that awareness and shine light on the next step.” 

Angel Studios is currently targeting Independence Day 2024 for Possum Trot’s release. 

Will you see Angel Studio’s Possum Trot this summer?