The shockingly vengeful move Kevin McCarthy is using to strike back at Matt Gaetz will send a chill down your spine

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The Republican establishment is furious they no longer have total control over the Party.

A corrupt plot to take out conservatives is being unleashed.

And now the shockingly vengeful move Kevin McCarthy is using to strike back at Matt Gaetz will send a chill down your spine.

Former Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy (RINO-CA) suffered a historic downfall after working for more than a decade to secure the top spot in the House.

A group of eight conservatives led by Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) voted to oust McCarthy as Speaker of the House last January after he tried to cut a debt ceiling deal that kept President Joe Biden and Democrats’ reckless, inflation-inducing spending in place.

Ultimately, the group was successful in delivering McCarthy an epic humiliation that resulted in his Speakership becoming the third shortest in American history – the hilarity of which is only escalated when you learn that one of the individuals with a shorter Speakership died after presiding over a single session of the Forty-fourth Congress, and the other was elected Speaker even though he was retiring office and leaving Congress the very next day.

Rep. McCarthy resigned from Congress at the end of last year, leaving many to wonder what would come next for a man who was once one of the most powerful ruling class RINOs in Washington, D.C.’s “Swamp.”

The former Speaker has begun plotting to take out the eight House Republicans who cost him his job in GOP Primaries this year.

Brian Walsh – a top McCarthy ally – is trying to recruit Primary challengers to the group dubbed the “Gaetz Eight,” according to Politico.

Walsh is ready to tap into the ruling class elite fundraising network McCarthy built in House Republican leadership to aid in this scheme.

“These traitors chose to side with Nancy Pelosi, AOC, and over 200 Democrats to undermine the institution, their fellow Republicans, and a duly elected Speaker,” Walsh said in a statement. “There must be consequences for that decision.”

“Walsh is acting with McCarthy’s blessing. While the former speaker is not involved in the day-to-day work of the project, he is briefed on its progress, as are key donors, according to a person familiar with the effort who was granted anonymity to discuss it,” Politico reported.

Rep. Garret Graves (R-LA) – one of McCarthy’s top allies in the House – said the former Speaker was taking off the gloves.

“One of the most dangerous things that you could do is have an untethered McCarthy,” Graves said. “In terms of some of the people that have done stupid things over the past several months.”

Rep. Bob Good (R-VA), the Chairman of the House Freedom Caucus and one of the “Gaetz Eight,” is facing a Primary challenge from Virginia state Senator John McGuire.

Good said that he was going to tie his opponent to McCarthy, who is going to spend big backing McGuire.

“It would be great if my opponent brought Kevin McCarthy to the district to campaign for him. I would actually suggest that he do that,” Good said.

McCarthy’s allies have been unsuccessful in recruiting a primary challenger against Gaetz thus far, but are still searching. 

The Republican establishment is seeking revenge after conservatives sent Kevin McCarthy packing.

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