The ruling class elites inside the UN are going bananas after these war-torn nations gave their authoritarian agenda one big middle finger

Photo by Wilfried Huss, Public Domain via Wikimedia

As far as the ruling class elites are concerned there is no such thing as too much government.

They’re going to extreme lengths to give themselves total power and control over the global working class.

But the ruling class elites inside the UN are going bananas after these war-torn nations gave their authoritarian agenda one big middle finger.

The UN cannot understand why these countries are ignoring them

In 1945, lawmakers across the globe founded the United Nations to prevent another world war, among other lofty goals. 

Almost immediately, globalists and radical leftists hijacked this organization to subject billions of people across the globe to their radical agenda. 

Nearly 80 years after its founding, the UN has largely failed to prevent major global conflicts.  

Today, war rages on in Ukraine, the Levant, and all across the African continent, proving the futility of the United Nations in preventing armed conflict. 

Top brass at the United Nations has started to take note of their failures, including the U.N.’s controversial Secretary-General António Guterres of Portugal, who has proudly labeled himself as a socialist over the years. 

On Monday, Guterres addressed the U.N. Human Rights Council, voicing his outrage as war-torn nations such as Congo, Gaza, Myanmar, Ukraine, Haiti, and Sudan continue to ignore U.N. guidelines and other international laws. 

“Our world is becoming less safe by the day,” Guterres said. “After decades of stable power relations, we are transitioning into an era of multipolarity. This creates new opportunities for leadership and justice on the international stage. But multipolarity without strong multilateral institutions is a recipe for chaos.”

“The council’s lack of unity on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and on Israel’s military operations in Gaza following the horrific terror attacks by Hamas on 7 October, has severely — perhaps fatally — undermined its authority,” he added. “The council needs serious reform to its composition and working methods.”

Volker Türk, who serves as the U.N. human rights chief echoed these lamentations.

“I am disturbed by attempts to undermine the legitimacy and work of the United Nations and other institutions,” Türk said. “They include disinformation that targets UN humanitarian organizations, UN peacekeepers, and my Office.” 

“The UN has become a lightning rod for manipulative propaganda and a scapegoat for policy failures,” he added. “This is profoundly destructive of the common good, and it callously betrays the many people whose lives rely on it.” 

Ending so-called “disinformation” has become leftists’ top priority

Time and time again, globalist, ruling class elites have called on for a crackdown on what they deem to be so-called “disinformation.” 

However, these campaigns to eradicate so-called “disinformation” typically devolve into censorship schemes, designed to silence people for voicing anything critical of their radical agenda. 

Many fear that these “disinformation” prevention programs open the door for governments to completely sidestep internet anonymity, and freedom of speech altogether in some cases.  

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