The reason this major University canceled a comedian’s event at the last minute will drive you up a wall

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There was a time in American history in which the Left owned comedy and many conservatives couldn’t take a joke. 

But there’s been a total flip since Democrats went all-in on woke extremism and decided that everything they disliked or disagreed with was somehow “offensive.”

And now the reason this major University canceled a comedian’s event at the last minute will drive you up a wall.

The Thought Police are canceling comedy

You can tell who has the power in society based upon who is above criticism. 

And in America in 2024 , Democrats won’t let anyone say anything negative about any bloc of Democrat voters without sharpening their pitchforks and lighting their torches. 

Comedians like Dave Chapelle and Chris Rock have been attacked on stage for making jokes, while Ricky Gervais had an “RIP” hashtag movement against him on X.

Jerry Seinfeld was recently accosted in the street by self-proclaimed “social justice warriors” who shouted, “genocide supporter” and “Nazi” at the Jewish comic. 

Bill Barr, Jim Brewer, Jim Florentine, and many others have been forced to find new venues for events due to threats and protests from the so-called “tolerant Left” and woke or cowardly comedy club owners.  

Tim Allen, Rosanne Barr, Joe Rogan, John Cleese, Steven Crowder, Nick DiPaolo, and many more have all been on the woke left-wing outrage mob’s hit list on multiple occasions. 


Because some of their jokes could potentially be deemed “offensive” by some members of one of Democrats’ many protected classes. 

And now another conservative comic was just canceled, and it happened just minutes before he was scheduled to take the stage. 

UConn cancels clean conservative comic K-Von at the last-minute

K-Von is a self-admitted “conservative comedian.” 

He also is known for being a “clean” comedian. 

So clean, in fact, that Dry Bar Comedy – a comedy curator that only promotes comedians who are friendly for the whole family to enjoy, has aired K-Von’s material. 

But apparently, K-Von is not safe enough for students at the University of Connecticut. 

Hollywood in Toto is reporting that K-Von flew – along with his crew – all the way from Florida to Connecticut after he was booked by Turning Points USA to perform at a gig at UConn in mid-March. 

He also reserved a hotel room and rented a car, and advertised for the contracted booking, saying he spent thousands of dollars for the opportunity.  

However, K-Von says that just a couple hours before he was to begin his set, a university administrator canceled his gig. 

You can see the testy phone conversation he had with the school official who tried to worm her way out of responsibility for the last-minute cancellation. 

In the conversation, she tries to hide behind contract issues. 

However, a representative from TPUSA said she told him she was concerned about K-Von’s “content,” and the fact that the group supports the pro-Israeli club on campus.  

K-Von had previously performed at UConn back in 2017 without problem. 

K-Von not staying silent

TPUSA and K-Von regrouped and held the show at a nearby church. 

However, with all the advertising pointing to the campus, and little time and resources to announce the change, K-Von said attendance was hurt. 

“And while the confusion eroded our attendance,” K-Von said. “We once again had a safe and enjoyable comedy show with no issues.”

During the phone call, the university official repeatedly suggested K-Von could “talk to her lawyer.”

And he just might, as he mentioned he does have damages due to the last-minute cancellation and venue change forced upon him and his team. 

The experience has left K-Von weary of academia.  

“Bad ideas that start at the college level don’t just stay there,” the comedian said. “Within a few short years they spill out into every major industry and facet of American life.” 

K-Von wasn’t done there. 

He also pointed out that UConn is ranked 220th out of 248 colleges in a free speech report compiled by The Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression (FIRE). 

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