The NCAA is in hot water after stripping this champion of his title for one of the most un-American reasons imaginable

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Colleges are on the verge of kicking the NCAA to the curb.

And if the elites who control the supposed “non-profit” keep making unbelievable decisions like this they will be a thing of the past in no time.

That’s because the NCAA is in hot water after stripping this champion of his title for one of the most un-American reasons imaginable.

The NCAA is fading fast

The college sports landscape has rapidly evolved in recent years as those who control college athletics have chosen to chase the billions of dollars being poured into sports each year.

As a result rule changes have been implemented to allow players to engage in the free market by profiting from their own name, image, and likeness (NIL), while school officials and boosters have also chased the money by attempting to change conferences in search of bigger paydays from the TV contracts conferences have with various networks, like ESPN, FOX, and CBS.

The days in which the Power Five conferences – the SEC, ACC, PAC-12, Big Ten, and Big 12 – reigned supreme at the top of the college sports hierarchy is over, as the PAC-12 and other smaller conferences have been cannibalized by the four remaining power conferences.

And while all this is happening, the elites who control the supposed “non-profit” known as the NCAA have been frantically attempting to keep their tight grip on control, as those power conferences – and the big money athletic programs who are a part of them – have begun asking why they even need the governing body in the first place when they could be making millions more each year without them.

In early February, the SEC and Big Ten announced that they had formed a joint advisory committee designed to investigate possible solutions to some of the issues plaguing college sports at the moment.

Quite frankly, whether they like it or not, the advisory committee is likely the beginning of the end for the NCAA.

Dumbest ruling in the history of the NCAA?

History was made late last week at the ACC Swimming & Diving Conference Championship meet.

And during the men’s 1650-yard freestyle, NC State All-American Owen Lloyd left his fellow competitors in the dust as he easily won the Conference Championship with a time of 14:37:04. 

As any athlete would do upon achieving a childhood dream, after he completed the race, Lloyd started to celebrate his victory, even though the other competitors were so far behind him that they were still trying to finish their race.

And because he beat the competition by such a wide margin that his celebration occurred while the race was technically still going on, the NCAA stepped in to strip the All-American swimmer of the ACC Championship, giving it to his teammate, Ross Dant, who finished second.

To the shock of everyone, the NCAA claimed they stripped Lloyd of the ACC Championship because he “interfered with another swimmer” – but that other swimmer was Dant, who had completed his race by the time Lloyd began celebrating in earnest.

In fact, the ruling was so absurd, Dant utilized his post-race interview as the chosen winner of the race to blast the NCAA for the insane decision, ensuring everyone knew that Lloyd was the true champion.

The NCAA is more worried about punishing a kid for celebrating the biggest accomplishment of his life than they are about protecting women’s sports from the woke extremist idea that men who claim to be women should be allowed to compete in women’s sports.

Let that sink in.

The NCAA’s demise can’t come soon enough. 

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