The looming threat Tucker Carlson faces from the Biden regime will send a chill down your spine

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Democrats’ media allies have made clear that if you don’t parrot Democrats preferred narratives then you are out of a job.

That has led those within the media who haven’t pledged their allegiance to the woke mob to bypass the elitist gatekeepers entirely and truly speak their minds.

But now the looming threat Tucker Carlson faces from the Biden regime will send a chill down your spine.

Tucker Carlson attacked by Democrats’ media allies for Putin interview

Russian President Vladimir Putin rarely gives one-on-one interviews to Russian media outlets his regime completely controls, much less Western media outlets.

But in February, the Russian President welcomed Tucker Carlson to the infamous Kremlin in order to appear for an interview on his Tucker on X program.

The interview garnered more views than any Carlson has put out to date, reportedly racking up over 200 million views on X alone. 

The interview sparked outrage from Democrats’ media allies, who claimed it was “ridiculous” and “propaganda.” 

But Carlson didn’t let Putin run the interview, and he repeatedly pressed Putin to consider what actions could lead to peace talks with Ukraine.

Following the interview, the Kremlin claimed to have arrested a Ukrainian spy who claimed that he was hired to assassinate someone. 

And he expected that Carlson was the target of the hit.

But despite this obvious threat, Carlson was worried about something else when traveling to Russia.

Warned of arrest for “sanctions violations”

Carlson said that while he was in Moscow, he felt at ease and that there were no real security concerns for him in Russia.

“I mean it when I say I felt not one twinge of concern for the eight days that I was there,” Carlson recently explained in an interview with podcast host Lex Fridman.

Rather he was concerned about the “fascist” Biden regime back at home in the United States. 

Carlson said that prior to departing for the trip, he was warned by his attorneys that the Biden regime might try to arrest him on so-called “sanctions violations.”

Tucker told Fridman that his response to his lawyers was that he didn’t “recognize the legitimacy of that.”

“I’m an American and I’ve lived here my whole life, and that’s so outrageous that I’m happy to face that risk because I reject that premise,” Carlson declared.

Carlson paid his legal team a hefty sum to protect him from the potential legal consequences.

And they had one piece of advice for him.

If the government controls the media, “you don’t have a free country”

Carlson’s attorneys advised him to take Putin to task or he would surely face scrutiny from the Biden regime.

“If you’re seen as nice to him, you could get arrested when you come back,” a lawyer informed him.

Carlson responded by saying that his lawyers were “describing a fascist country… you’re saying that the U.S. government will arrest me if I don’t ask the questions that they want asked.”

No stranger to government overreach, the firebrand journalist said that he wasn’t surprised by the warning. 

Carlson reminded Fridman that he had suspected that he was previously surveilled by U.S. intelligence agencies when trying to arrange an interview with Putin during his time at Fox News.

Carlson said that despite intense secrecy behind the original efforts to secure the interview, two New York Times journalists reached out to him to discuss it. 

“I hadn’t told anybody that,” Carlson said. “Like anybody besides my wife and two producers.” 

Carlson said that it was worth whatever hardship he faces if it means that he’s helping our country.

“My interest is the United States and preserving freedoms here, the ones that I grew up with and if you have a media establishment that acts as an auxiliary of, or acts as employees of, the national security state, you don’t have a free country,” he said.

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