The House Judiciary Committee just showed everyone how Biden wants to use Artificial Intelligence against you

Photo by Mike MacKenzie, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Flickr,

Artificial Intelligence is a great tool.  But like any tool it can also be used as a weapon.

This technology may have more impact on society than the printing press or the Internet.

But now House Republicans are warning that Joe Biden plans for this tech are more dangerous than you can imagine.

Online censorship has been shaping the public’s perception for several years now

In 2020, Hunter Biden almost cost his father the election when the contents of his laptop were released to the public in October. 

The October surprise sent the Biden campaign into damage control, and they were forced to call on their friends in the intelligence agencies to shut it down.

At first, the Biden team denied the contents were real and called it a Russian disinformation campaign to interfere in our elections. Fifty-one former intelligence officials joined in the denial which allowed mainstream news outlets to debunk the claim in reports. 

 Then the online censorship campaign began with social media companies suppressing the speech of anyone who chose to share it online. 

At the moment, tech companies may have thought they were doing the right thing but eventually they would come to realize their complicity.

Now the Biden administration is looking to create an Artificial Intelligence tool that could help with similar cases in the future.

“Track F” will provide “training materials” for those affected by “misinformation”

The House Judiciary Committee released a report earlier this month alleging that the Biden administration is spending millions of taxpayer dollars to create a program to stamp out “misinformation.” 

Evidence was disclosed in emails shared between researchers involved in the project.

The project called “Track F” involves funding from the National Sciences Foundation that has been distributed to Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University of Madison-Wisconsin, and the University of Michigan. 

The funds would be directed toward a program called “Trust & Authenticity in Communications Systems.” 

The researchers were directed to use Artificial Intelligence to identify “misinformation” and create “training materials” to educate people with “vulnerabilities to disinformation methods.” 

This tool could be used to identify child pornography and deep fake photos for removal. 

But the Biden administration is particularly interested in controlling what people think about content they discover online.

Targeting people that read “the Bible or the Constitution”

In emails the researchers described their roles as effectively trying to save the public from itself. 

One MIT researcher said that these people “cannot effectively sort truth from fiction” and identified various groups as being especially vulnerable. 

“Military veterans, older adults, military families… [and people from] rural and indigenous communities” were especially at risk according to the researcher.

The researchers also put a focus on anyone who reads “the Bible or the Constitution.”

A researcher from the University of Michigan touted their ability to “help policy makers at platforms who want to…push responsibility for difficult judgments to someone outside the company…by externalizing the difficult responsibility of censorship.”

The emails indicate a focus on “skepticism regarding the integrity of U.S. elections and hesitancy related to COVID-19 vaccines.” 

According to the House Judiciary Committee website, this report is “part of a larger investigation” into the government’s efforts to suppress speech online. 

The lawmakers have reason to be “concerned these tools could be perfected and deployed by platforms like YouTube, Reddit, and Facebook” soon. 

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