The gatekeepers are furious over this ground-breaking technological advancement that may just give American farmers the upper hand

Photo by Raphael Rychetsky from Unsplash

Since our prehistoric ancestors first began to discover agriculture at least 12,000 years ago farmers have played a crucial role in the advancement of human civilization.

And while farming has never been for the faint of heart the past few decades have wreaked havoc on American farmers thanks to politicians, bureaucrats, and corporate America.

But now the gatekeepers are furious over this ground-breaking technological advancement that may just give American farmers the upper hand.

The Biden Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has unleashed a groundbreaking exemption paving the way for the rise of “drone-swarm” farming.

Hylio, a Texas-based drone manufacturer, has shattered barriers with an FAA exemption that allows fleets of drones, each weighing a whopping 55 pounds or more, to take flight together.

This game-changing move signals a seismic shift in farming practices, offering a cost-effective alternative to traditional methods that will leave establishment cronies shaking in their boots.

Hylio CEO Arthur Erickson revealed the game-changing advantages to Fox News.

“On average, you’re spending a quarter both up front, capital cost to buy the machinery, and operating cost is about a quarter or maybe a third of what you’d spend for the traditional stuff,” Erickson said.

Say goodbye to exorbitant expenses and hello to efficient, budget-friendly farming solutions!

But that’s not all.

With this new exemption, a two-person team can now pilot up to three drones simultaneously in a coordinated “swarm,” covering triple the area in record time.

The days of laborious, slow-paced farming are behind us as drones zip across fields with unmatched speed and precision, leaving traditional tractors in the dust.

Nebraska farmer Andy Kreikemeier, the mastermind behind Infinity Precision Ag, lauds the transformative impact of drone technology on his operations.

“Now we can run three drones with two people with this exemption,” he exclaimed to Fox News.

With fewer personnel required and expanded coverage capabilities, farmers like Kreikemeier are poised to revolutionize the industry.

Cost-effective and versatile, drones offer a myriad of applications beyond seeding and spraying.

From reforesting fire-ravaged areas to aiding aquatic farming, these high-tech marvels are limited only by the bounds of imagination.

“The sky’s the limit,” remarked Erickson, hinting at the boundless potential of drone technology to reshape farming practices as we know them.

With drones starting at $50,000 per unit – about $25,000 less than you could possibly get a basic, decade-old John Deere 7130, and significantly less than the more than $150,000 most farmers pay for new row crop tractors alone – the economic advantages are crystal clear.

Erickson highlighted the exorbitant price tags attached to conventional farming equipment, telling Fox News that “over half a million for a brand-new tractor these days, while we’re still reeling from the COVID stuff, supply train issues.”

So, buckle up, Americans, as the agricultural landscape undergoes a seismic transformation.

With drones taking flight and revolutionizing farming practices, the establishment’s grip on traditional methods is slipping away.

Although traditional American farmers may have to take some time to adjust to the new methods, they sure do seem efficient.

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