The “grieving” event Harvard recently hosted for students will destroy any faith you had left in future generations

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One of the first areas of American society to be infiltrated by radical Left socialists was academia.

The absolute madness taking place on college campuses nationwide is generally a preview of what’s coming America’s way culturally.

And the “grieving” event Harvard recently hosted for students will destroy any faith you had left in future generations.

The now-former President of Harvard found herself under the public microscope in the worst way imaginable.

In the wake of the October 7 terrorist attack perpetrated by Palestinian terrorists on Israel, many universities and colleges, including Harvard, saw a massive uptick in anti-Semitic attacks against Jewish students and communities.

Congress held a series of hearings to discover the root cause of this rise in anti-Semitism on American campuses – spoiler alert: it’s a symptom of the woke mindvirus – and figure out what schools were doing to combat it.

During her Congressional testimony, Harvard’s then-President Claudine Gay was asked possibly the most simple question imaginable: “Does calling for the genocide of Jews violate Harvard’s rules on bullying and harassment?”

Gay refused to answer the question directly, providing a hot pot full of word soup in order to avoid saying “no” directly, while indicating that she did not believe it did.

Opposing calls for the genocide of any people – regardless of who or why – would seem to be the easiest position to oppose of all-time, and it certainly would seem to fit within the textbook definition of bullying and harassment, especially within the context of the pro-Palestinian terrorist activism taking place on campuses, like Harvard.

The fact that she could not possibly say whether calls for the genocide of the Jewish people qualified as bullying and harassment was a massive eye-opener.

In a day and age in which woke extremists are looking to pass legislation making the supposed crime of so-called “misgendering” a hate speech crime, calling for the genocide of the Jewish people is somehow – at least in Democrats’ minds – perfectly acceptable.

After resisting calls to resign, the disgraced former Harvard President found herself in another unwanted spotlight as she was exposed for the massive amount of plagiarism she allegedly engaged in throughout her academic career.

According to The Daily Wire, “Gay was forced to resign from her position last month amid allegations of plagiarism in various academic works that came to light while she was already under immense pressure for her failure to address the rise of antisemitism on campus.”

With Gay freshly removed from the “leadership” role, Harvard’s response was absolutely astonishing and left many scratching their heads.

The Harvard Divinity School’s Office of Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging hosted an event entitled “Gathering to Breathe and Heal” last week in order to “help” students grieve the resignation of their humiliated former university President.

The Daily Wire obtained a copy of the school’s newsletter, which claimed that many students were “feeling grief upon their arrival to campus.”

“This grief and loss may be connected to our personal lives; national and global unrest, harm, and violence; storms and natural disasters; or these increasing times of tension and divide on our campus and in our communities,” the newsletter claimed. 

“For many of us, this grief and loss also includes the resignation of former President Claudine Gay after her short tenure,” it continued.

The event was hosted by two administrators from the office of Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging.

It is hard to believe that anyone could take these once-elite universities seriously anymore.

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