The authoritarian tactics being deployed by one small town Democrat Mayor against its citizens will literally blow your mind

Photo by chayka1270 from Pixabay

While most Americans focus most of their political attention on federal elections many of the most important policy decisions come from state and local lawmakers. 

The immense amount of power local ruling class elites wield is often overlooked by working class Americans until it reaches the point of no return.

And now the authoritarian tactics being deployed by one small town Democrat Mayor against its citizens will literally blow your mind.

Dolton, Illinois has recently made national headlines for all of the wrong reasons

The Chicago suburb of Dolton, Illinois rarely makes the news, and most residents like it that way. 

However, this all changed in the 2020 election after Dolton elected Tiffany Henyard as its Mayor.

Henyard gained national attention for her flash and brashness, not to mention her status as a young black female Democrat, automatically winning her the support of the woke left-wing outrage mob and Democrat donors across the nation due solely to her skin color and gender.

However, according to many Dolton citizens, Henyard has done a horrible job as Mayor, with some going as far as to describe her as a “South American dictator.”

Henyard has earned this reputation for using authoritarian tactics to target her enemies, spread propaganda by littering the town with massive posters similar to those employed by socialist dictators, like North Korea’s Kim Jong-Un and Venezuela’s Nicolás Maduro.

One fed-up Dolton resident told The New York Post, “It’s Venezuela. Isn’t that what they are doing out there with [President Nicolás] Maduro? His face is all over, like ‘I’m the dictator.’”

“It’s like a dictator,” he added. “There is no call for it. I’ve never seen a town that’s more screwed up under her, and I’ve seen 20 years of this malarkey. She’s power-hungry. She doesn’t care how much she bleeds an area out of resources. It’s her life and that’s it. 

The resident also accused Henyard of using the town’s police force to corral and harass anyone who dares have the audacity to speak out against her.

“This town, the people have to watch,” the Dolton resident added to The Post. “A lot of these people are scared because this police department is militaristic right now with her in it,” and then asked the reporter to disclose his name with the fear of facing retribution. “

Dolton Trustee Kiana Belcher then told The New York Post that former Chief of Police Robert Collins admitted that Heynard forced him to abuse his power to target her enemies. 

“She’ll have the police follow you and give tickets,” Belcher revealed. “I went out of town and she had one of the officers give me tickets… It was a manipulation tactic.”

Tiffany Heynard represent a new generation of Democrat politicians

These horrific allegations of flagrant authoritarian abuse of power represent the chaos that Heynard and her fellow Democrats have sowed across the nation.

Democrats, like Heynard, are power hungry, and abuse their power to get their way and punish anybody who dares to defy them. 

For many Democrats, government represents the highest moral authority in their life, opening the door for widespread abuses of power, such as the alleged abuses in Dolton, Illinois. 

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