Sherrod Brown is running scared after this unexpected blowout in Ohio’s U.S. Senate Primary completely changed the game

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Sherrod Brown has been lucky to continue winning re-election as Ohio’s Democrat Senator despite the state’s shift towards Republicans.

But his luck may be running out.

And now Sherrod Brown is running scared after this unexpected blowout in Ohio’s U.S. Senate Primary completely changed the game.

It wasn’t supposed to be this way.

Polling in the run-up to Ohio’s GOP Primary for the U.S. Senate showed a close race, with state Sen. Matt Dolan slightly ahead of Bernie Moreno, who had the endorsement of former President Donald Trump.

Democrats had hoped that a highly-contested Primary would lead to a politically wounded Republican nominee.

But the polls turned out to be wildly off.

Moreno defeated establishment-backed Dolan by a margin of 51-33%.

It’s widely believed that the Trump endorsement was a major reason for Moreno’s landslide win over Dolan.

Senator Sherrod Brown (D-OH) wasted no time in commenting on the news of who his General Election opponent would be.

Brown knows he’s in for a real fight this year

On X, Brown wrote, “The choice ahead of Ohio is clear: Bernie Moreno has spent his career and campaign putting himself first, and would do the same if elected. I’ll always work for Ohio.”

Brown offered no examples to back up his claim.

But if Senator Brown thought that his new opponent didn’t have any fight in him, he apparently has another thing coming.

Moreno went right for the figurative jugular shortly after his Primary victory.

He blasted Brown for being a career politician and holding political office since the Nixon Administration.

Moreno: Everything got worse under Brown’s watch and he’s a far-left radical

Moreno said, “Under Sherrod Brown’s watch, China has gone from a $4 billion dollar trade deficit to a $235 billion a year trade deficit with America. The middle class in this country has shrank [sic] under his watch.”

He added, “We’ve lost factory after factory under his watch. We are now — with his leadership, so called, of the Senate Banking Committee — we’ve seen an absolute obliteration of local and small and regional banks. That’s all happening under … Brown’s watch. This is a guy who is for unfettered immigration. He is an open borders radical. He’s all for this Green New Deal — this idea that all of us should drive an electric car or have whatever stove he tells us to, live in some small hut somewhere while he of course — he hangs out with his buddies in Martha’s Vineyard. That’s who Sherrod Brown really is.”

Moreno then compared the conditions in the country under Trump with those that exist under Joe Biden’s Presidency, saying, “Under Joe Biden, everything is objectively worse.”

And therein lies the rub for Brown, because in this era of political polarization, he faces an uphill climb in a state many believe Trump will likely win in a landslide for a third consecutive Presidential election.

In order for Brown to win a fourth term in the Senate, he’s going to have to convince a large number of Trump supporters to also vote for him, despite his radcial left-wing voting record.

Sensing Biden’s weakness, Moreno is already working to tie Brown to the national Democrat brand, which is toxic in Ohio.

“I will predict this: If Joe Biden enters Ohio, Sherrod Brown is gonna fly out of here like a scared cat,” Moreno added. “Right? [Biden is] Sherrod Brown’s absolute enabler in the United States Senate. And then who does Sherrod Brown answer to? He doesn’t answer to We The People. He answers to Elizabeth Warren, right. … He’s literally her lapdog. She tells him to bark … he barks. That’s who Sherrod Brown is.”

This race promises to be one of the most-watched this Election season and the winner could decide which party has a majority in the U.S. Senate.

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