New York Democrats are in a panic after this jaw-dropping survey pointed out one game-changing reality

Photo by Roberto Vivancos from Pexels

Democrat-controlled New York City is in a state of chaos.

Even lifelong New Yorkers are starting to reconsider the path they’ve chosen.

And New York Democrats are in a panic after this jaw-dropping survey pointed out one game-changing reality.

A city in decline

Democrat-controlled New York City has already undergone a profound transformation since the start of the 2020 pandemic.

With their harsh restrictions on businesses and schools, hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers left the city, making their way to locations far more supportive of freedom, like the state of Florida.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, almost 500,000 people left the city between April 2020 and July 2022.

Only Getting Worse

The exodus from New York City is continuing, but now, it’s apparently for different reasons.

According to a shocking new survey by the Citizens Budget Commission, New Yorkers are increasingly not happy with the quality of life in their Democrat-controlled city.

Only 30% of New Yorkers say they’re happy living in the city.

Only 37% rate public safety in their neighborhood as excellent or great, down from 50% just six years ago.

Only about half of New Yorkers say they feel safe riding the subway during the day, down from over 80% since 2017.

As a result, some 50% of New Yorkers now shockingly plan to leave the city within just five years.

“People are fed up with the quality of life. There’s a general sense of lawlessness. You go into the CVS and there’s shoplifting. People’s cars get vandalized,” said Queens Councilman Robert Holden to a reporter from the New York Post.

The surge in dissatisfaction with city life coincides with increased rates of all major crimes from 2017 to 2023.

Elections have consequences

The vast majority of New York City voters have consistently fallen in line behind the wokest, most power-hungry Democrats imaginable, and 76% sided with President Joe Biden in 2020.

But as the Democrat Party has gone all-in on woke extremism over the past decade, the Democrat-controlled city has had to face the consequences.

Woke Democrats have continuously advocated for defunding police departments, stopping the prosecution of theft, and applying the law differently for different people.

New Yorkers are now seeing what happens when the woke Left successfully takes total control.

The question is, if half of current New Yorkers aren’t happy living in the city and plan to leave within five years, are they going to continue or change their voting behavior?

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