Female athletes were left floored after Lia Thomas pulled off this incredible stunt

Photo by Rawpexel, Public Domain

Every day the woke left-wing outrage mob embarks on a new and crazy mission to radically upend Western culture. 

According to woke extremists gender now falls on a spectrum, all white people are automatically racist, and women no longer exist.

And female athletes were left floored after Lia Thomas pulled off this incredible stunt.

Lia Thomas has created a firestorm

For quite some time, many feminists regarded the passage of Title IX as one of their movement’s greatest accomplishments.

Title IX, which admittedly is rife with downfalls, allegedly elevated women’s sports to a more equal playing field with men’s sports.

However, the woke extremist push to allow biological men who claim to be women to compete in women’s sports threatens the very survival of female sports, and womanhood for that matter, with many Democrats referring to women as mere “birthing persons” or “chest feeders.”

This woke left-wing effort to erase womanhood made national headlines after transgender collegiate swimmer Lia Thomas – who was born a male and ranked outside the top-500 male collegiate swimmers in the nation when competing against other men – competed in female swimming competitions, winning the NCAA “women’s” 500-meter freestyle national championship.

Despite the tremendous backlash this caused, recent reports show that Thomas is not ready to retire from swimming just quite yet.

“Thomas, 24, has hired the Canadian law firm Tyr to ask the Court of Arbitration for Sport in Switzerland to overturn the rules imposed by World Aquatics after she became the first openly trans person to win an NCAA Division I title,” The New York Post reported.

In a nutshell, Thomas has allegedly hired lawyers to try and overturn the Olympic ban on allowing biological men to compete in female sports.

That way Thomas could compete as a woman in the upcoming 2024 Olympic Games in Paris. 

Female athletes are voicing their outrage with Thomas

Over the last year or so, many female swimmers have come out against Thomas, most notably former University of Kentucky swimmer Riley Gaines, who has been very vocal about her opposition to Thomas after she tied with Thomas in the 200-meter freestyle at the NCAA national championships and was snubbed by the NCAA, who chose to only honor Thomas for taking the position in order to appease the woke left-wing outrage mob.

In May of 2023, Riley Gaines appeared on The Michelle Tayofa Podcast and explained that “Lia knew by competing with us that we were uncomfortable in the locker room.”

“Lia knew that we were giving up our opportunities to someone who would have never earned these same accolades in the men’s division, yet, didn’t care,” she continued. “It just shows an utter disregard for women. That’s what misogyny is.” 

“Feminism and sex-based terms they’re not fluid,” Gaines added. “These are not terms that just to change based on how you’re feeling. And so to totally change what the feminist movement is and what the feminist movement was started for, what it represented in the 90s, what it really represented up until three maybe years ago, I think COVID was a big turning point for a lot of this stuff, these terms don’t change. You don’t get to change them just because you feel like it.”

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