Democrats are in pandemonium after this poll revealed the stunning political shift taking place in Democrat-controlled cities

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

Like most Democrat-controlled cities today San Francisco has a reputation for being an absolute dump.

The city has been covered top to bottom in human feces, homelessness, and rampant crime for decades.

And Democrats are in pandemonium after this poll revealed the stunning political shift taking place in Democrat-controlled cities.

America’s Democrat-controlled major cities have found themselves subject to power hungry despots whose top priority has been to force as much of their authoritarian, woke extremist  agenda onto working class Americans as possible.

Democrat Mayors and District Attorneys have waged their philosophical war on working class Americans nationwide, even admittingly spending zero time pursuing violent criminals, all while weaponizing government to punish their political opponents, like former President Donald Trump.

Some Democrat-controlled cities have even gone as far as allowing illegal aliens to vote, become armed police officers, and in one instance in New York, a group of migrants were let off without bail and given free bus tickets to flee the state after being caught on video beating two NYPD officers.

One of these horrible hellscapes is Democrat-controlled San Francisco, the hometown of ruling class elites like Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), California Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom, former Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA), and many others.

The Golden Gate city is most known for their “See-Click-Fix” map that allows citizens to report sites of public defecation that have not been cleaned up, a map that completely covers the entire city.

With the horrible living conditions showing no signs of improvement, citizens have become fed up.

Residents of the California city have made this clear in a recent CityBeat poll hosted by the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce, and the results will leave you shocked.

“According to this poll, after just a few short years of living with the reality of their stupid ideas, the people of San Francisco are now hardcore Reaganites demanding tax breaks for corporations, drug tests for welfare recipients, and some gosh-darned law and order,” Breitbart’s John Nolte wrote.

The polls actually show that the residents of the nightmarish city are starting to strongly embrace basic tenets of the conservative movement.

When it comes to crime, about 69% of voters admitted that it has grown significantly worse. 

More than two-thirds of the Democrat-controlled city’s population stated that they do not feel safe visiting the downtown area after dark, with another 61% stating that they want to see an increase in police presence.

As for the massive amount of empty storefronts throughout the city, voters even showed an open embrace for more conservative fiscal policies, with 84% of voters saying that they wanted to see some financial incentives offered to small businesses, while another 81% asked for the same incentives to be provided to big businesses.

Another 71% said that tax incentives should be pursued in order to fill the vacant storefronts.

The cherry on top, however, was what San Francisco citizens had to say about drug abusers trying to access tax-funded benefits.

An overwhelming 61% of residents noted that they support drug screening for welfare recipients.

Although it seems unlikely that the Democrat-controlled city will start electing anyone other than Democrats any time soon, the poll shares greater news for the long run.

Working class Americans who have been forced to endure Democrats’ hijacking of the strings of power are witnessing first-hand the destructive path that their philosophies lead down, and are deeply regretting it.

This poll shows that the city is at a tipping point, now that they have experienced what rock bottom feels like.

We can only hope that residents of other large cities, like New York City, Chicago and Detroit for example, will also begin waking up to the reality that their cities have been turned into crime-ridden hellscapes.

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