Democrats are flying off the hinge after this state drove a stake through the heart of woke extremism with one bill

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The Democrat Party has been forcing their woke ideological agenda on the country for too long.

Working class Americans are starting to wake up to that reality.

And now Democrats are flying off the hinge after this state drove a stake through the heart of woke extremism with one bill.

Democrats go all-in on woke extremism

The Democrat Party’s agenda has risen to power in politics through the manipulation of the culture of the country. 

That is why left-wing politicians are pushing so hard for things like illegal immigration and diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives, despite a lack of support from working-class Americans.

In fact, according to Gallup, the issue of increasing diversity in public and private organizations isn’t even one of the top-10 issues the American people are concerned about.

And many view illegal immigration as a direct threat, and the top concern for voters heading into the November election. 

However, Democrats continue to push their agenda on people, and until recently we’ve seen little resistance from the American people, much less Republican politicians.

Now, there seems to be a glimmer of hope in two pieces of news coming out of the state of Kentucky.

DEI prohibition heads to Kentucky Senate after passing the House

Kentucky lawmakers delivered one their promise to roll back the influence of DEI programs at universities within their state. 

House Bill 9 passed the lower chamber earlier this month in a 68-18 vote and now will return to the Senate for a final vote. 

The bill was a revised version of Senate Bill 6 which passed the upper chamber in February with a 26-7 vote.

If the new version of the legislation is approved by the Senate, it would prohibit scholarships based on race and shut down DEI programs at government schools. 

It would also eliminate the requirement of “discriminatory concepts” in mandatory coursework at some universities.

Republican state Senator John Schickel championed the legislation.

“If I’m being wheeled into the emergency room to have brain surgery,” Schickel said. “I want the best darn team in there with the most expertise,” he said.

This bill would ultimately land on the desk of the Democrat Governor for a signature. 

But another effort underway would end in a ballot measure later this year.

Kentucky voters to decide if noncitizens should vote in elections

The issue of illegal immigration in the United States has prompted debate around the topic of voting for noncitizens. 

But Kentucky lawmakers have now taken a necessary step to prevent this from ever happening in their state. 

The Kentucky General Assembly voted overwhelmingly in favor of a ballot measure to add citizenship requirements to voting into their state constitution.

Senate Bill 143 says “no person who is not a citizen of the United States shall be allowed to vote,” and it was passed on March 15 by a vote of 72 to 12. 

The bill previously passed the upper chamber in February, and the next step is a ballot measure in November.

Kentucky Senator Jason Howell says that this effort is “about protecting citizens and the thousands of people who have lawfully navigated the immigration process.” 

Howell says that it is “odd” that we are even discussing this. 

This comes at a time when some states are moving to give illegal aliens the right to vote. 

New York City recently passed a law allowing noncitizens to vote in their local elections. 

An appellate court was forced to strike down the law. 

US Political Daily will keep you updated on any developments to this ongoing story.