Democrats are coming unglued after this Christian NFL player exposed a root cause of America’s decline with this epic breakdown

Photo By Pixabay from Pexels

It’s no secret that the America most all of us knew and loved is crumbling before our very eyes.

Things are spiraling out of control, and there doesn’t seem to be much hope that future generations will be able to change anything.

And now Democrats are coming unglued after this Christian NFL player exposed a root cause of America’s decline with this epic breakdown.

You can’t ignore reality by being fixated on sports

From the family unit to our nation as a whole, everything is burning to the ground.

Just look at the issues our nation is facing.

The United States is facing a severe mental health crisis as 42% of adults in a 2021 poll claimed to “experienced persistent feelings of sadness or hopelessness.”

Imagine what that number is now after three years of skyrocketing inflation and economic hardship, escalating global conflicts, government overreach and corruption, and so much more.

And this mental health crisis and subsequent lawlessness are leading to unimaginable violence nationwide, which directly impacted the sports world with the Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl parade shooting.

Back on February 14, as virtually all of Kansas City, Missouri, celebrated the Chiefs’ Super Bowl victory, shots were fired in the massive crowd, ultimately leading to one death and other injuries.

As you can imagine, Democrats and their media allies didn’t want this tragedy to go to waste and attempted to push their gun control agenda yet again.

And nearly a month after the shooting, it looks like they’re still running with that message.

But Chiefs Kicker Harrison Butker shocked the media into silence when he stated the real reason this tragedy occurred and offered a solution to stop future incidents.

Butker calls out a major issue

An EWTN reporter asked Butker for his thoughts on the shooting and any solutions to how the nation can curb gun violence.

“I think we need strong fathers in the home,” Butker declared. “I think we need men that are leading, that are setting good examples, that are teaching the young men in our society that violence is not the way to handle our disputes.”

Butker is absolutely right.

Far too many children – especially boys – are growing up without a father anywhere near the home.

And to make matters worse, many of the fathers who are physically around are still totally absent from the role they’re supposed to play in helping developing their children into actual adults.

The next generation would be a lot better off if just half of dads out there spent more time with their children than on things like sports or video games.

Does America have a fatherless issue?