Decamillionaire Travis Kelce is using your tax dollars to fund one woke Hollywood project that will make steam come out of your ears

Photo by Paul Deetman from Pexels

Americans witnessed an unforgettable Super Bowl this past week as the Kansas City Chiefs secured the overtime win.

But one Kansas City player just scored another win at the expense of working class American taxpayers thanks to Joe Biden and his fellow Democrats.

But decamillionaire Travis Kelce is using your tax dollars to fund one woke Hollywood project that will make steam come out of your ears.

You’re footing the bill for this woke Hollywood project

The ruling class elites in Washington, D.C. – and every state capitol nationwide – waste hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars each year on projects that do little to nothing to actually benefit American citizens.

One massive multi-trillion dollar spending bill after another has helped to fuel the ruling class’ addiction to wasteful spending.

President Joe Biden’s laughably entitled “Inflation Reduction Act” in particular was billed by Democrats and their media allies as the ultimate cure for skyrocketing inflation caused by their reckless spending, but in reality, simply poured hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars into Democrat special interests, like their environmental extremist agenda.

For example, on Tuesday, Variety revealed that one Hollywood movie received taxpayer funding from Democrats’ so-called “Inflation Reduction Act” in the form of so-called “green energy tax credits.”

The film, My Dead Friend Zoe, is currently in production, and features a star-studded cast that includes Morgan Freeman, Ed Harris, Sonequa Martin-Green, and Natalie Morales.

Even more notably, Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce is one of the film’s producers, marking his first serious Hollywood endeavor. 

Per Variety, “The investors in the low-budget dark comedy, which include Kelce, are the first to take advantage of 2022’s Inflation Reduction Act to finance a film.”

One of Kelce’s co-producers, Radiant Media Studios Ray Maiello, spoke out on the matter, claiming that these taxpayer funds help to reduce the risk of the film losing money. 

“Hollywood is risky, right?” Maiello claimed. “On a scale of one to 10, Hollywood, it is a 9.5. Especially in terms of independent film. These federal tax credits take the risk down to like a five.”

Maiello then addressed the federal handouts that enabled this film.

“I wanted to branch out and we’ve been talking about [expanding] for years,” he added. “And then Biden really incentivized it. Biden saw that people can’t plan what their tax liabilities are going to be. People don’t want to take risks. And so he really opened it up with these federal tax credits and we’re combining that with Hollywood. That’s the idea.”

Kelce’s latest move demonstrates the greed and waste that fuels Hollywood

Despite the skyrocketing cost of living, the looming collapse of the U.S. dollar, the Biden border crisis, America’s crumbling infrastructure, and so many more issues the ruling class elites ignore at working class Americans’ expense, you can sleep easy knowing that multi-millionaire Travis Kelce saved some money on his most recent film endeavor. 

Flagrant wastes of taxpayer funds for these sorts of projects, which have no measurable benefit for taxpayers – or anyone other than millionaires, like Kelce – represent some of the flaws within massive spending bills, like the so-called “Inflation Reduction Act.”

Taxpayers have the right to feel outraged over these wasteful projects, which contribute to high inflation, and the ever increasing prices of goods and services. 

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