Christian group vows to push back against draconian rules impacting its users in China

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Democrats want nothing more than to emulate the cultural controls employed by authoritarian Communist regimes like China and North Korea.

Socialism can’t take root so long as people have freedom so they must be forced to conform.

But even the Communists in China are having a hard time taming Christians with their draconian laws. has previously praised China for “positive relations” with Christians describes themselves as a “social impact company” that is “driven by a mission to grow faith and cultivate community” globally. 

Founded in 2016, the company quickly became the most popular app for faith and prayer worldwide. 

Their app boasts original content for Christians of all ages who want to hear “the Bible come to life.” 

The mission to spread the Gospel to the world does not come easy everywhere. 

Communist China, for example, has laws that require religious groups to be “legally established,” and that involves state sanctioned licensing and for these groups to “practice the core socialist values” shared by Chinese Communists and American Democrats.

The company’s co-founder, Michael Lynn, has said that has actually “grown accustomed to positive relations with China” despite their authoritarian opposition and documented history of hostility towards Christianity. 

“President Xi has allowed for the printing of nearly 150 million Bibles per year…” according to Lynn.

But now, they’re facing a major challenge in Communist China.

Removed for failure to meet Chinese standards was removed from the Apple App Store earlier this month due to its failure to procure the proper permits required by Communist Chinese regulators. 

The latest regulations were put into place in 2022, and mandate an “internet religious information service,” according to the Christian Post.

The Communist Chinese government requires all religious organizations to recognize the culture of Communism in the country, and be “Sinicized” so that it would be more relevant to the Chinese people. 

If the situation isn’t resolved quickly, services will not be available during the National Day of Prayer in May.

The app broadcasts prominent Christian figures, like Rev. Franklin Graham and Chris Tomlin, all around the world. 

Matthew Potter, who co-founded the platform with Lynn, says that they are working towards restoring the service in China.

“We are committed to overcoming these barriers to ensure that our global community remains connected and supported, especially during spiritual observances such as the National Day of Prayer,” Potter told the Christian Post.

China’s history of Bible bans

The removal of is just the latest action by Communist China to crack down on Christians in the country. 

Both physical and digital Bibles are disappearing from online listings at an alarming rate in China. published an article in 2021 sounding the alarm on this trend.

“Bibel Apps have been removed from App Store in China, while Bibles in hard copy are not available for sale online,” they wrote. “Those who want to download Bible Apps have to use a VPN to circumvent the Firewall.”

The ban of Bible sales online was reportedly in response to a white paper issued by the Communist Chinese government entitled, “China’s Policies and Practices on Protecting Freedom of Religious Belief.” 

But the direction of the white paper did exactly the opposite. 

The white paper said that faith communities in China “should adhere to the direction of localizing the religion… and actively explore religious through which accords with China’s national circumstances.”

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