This U.S. “ally” is desperately trying to force Big Tech to help sweep anti-Christian insanity under the rug

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There was once a time when the United States stood for religious liberty full stop.

Now the ruling class elites are doing everything they can to destroy actual religious liberty by forcing working class Americans to join their woke religious cult.

And this U.S. “ally” is desperately trying to force Big Tech to help sweep anti-Christian insanity under the rug.

Assyrian priest in Australia falls victim to “act of jihad”

Earlier this month, social media was set ablaze by a video showing a stabbing attack at Good Shepherd Church outside of Sydney, Australia. 

The video shows Assyrian priest, Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel, being attacked by a man with a knife in the middle of his sermon. 

The incident was condemned by social media users as an overt attack on Christianity, and some even called it an “act of jihad.” 

News of the incident quickly spread in Western Sydney, and led to large crowds protesting outside of the church. 

The protest outside the church turned into a riot and police were deployed to bring the crowd under control.

It didn’t take long for Australian authorities to address the issue publicly.

And this is what they blamed for the riot.

Australian officials are “demanding *global* content bans”

New South Wales (NSW) Police issued a statement condemning the riot and asserted that there was only one thing to blame — videos on social media. 

“I think leading a social media platform should bring with it big social, corporate responsibility,” said NSW Police Commissioner, Karen Webb. 

Webb said that images and videos like that should be “removed immediately” before it causes public outrage.

The eSafety Commission in Australia echoed the sentiment and sent a notice of removal to the legal team at the X platform. 

“Gratuitous or offensive violence with a high degree of impact or detail” shouldn’t be allowed on social media, they claimed. 

But X owner Elon Musk pushed back on the request, saying that they were trying to restrict freedom of speech online. 

“The Australian censorship commissar is demanding *global* content bans!” he said.

Now, one Australian official is standing with Musk and the X platform.

Musk thanks Australian PM for “informing the public” that X is a source of truth

The Global Government Affairs department at X issued a statement following the attack calling it a “horrific assault on free society.” 

“Our condolences go out to those who have been affected, and we stand with the Australian people in calling for those responsible to be brought to justice,” they said.

The company condemned the Australian eSafety Commissioner for ordering the removal of “certain posts in Australia” despite having not violated the platforms “rules on violent speech.” 

“While X respects the right of a country to enforce its laws within its jurisdiction, the eSafety Commissioner does not have the authority to dictate what context X’s users can see globally,” they added.

Australian Prime Minister, Anthony Albanese called for X to put a stop to “misinformation and disinformation” by showing video evidence of the attack. 

Musk decided to “thank” him for “informing the public that [his] platform is the only truthful one.”

Over a week has passed and there hasn’t been a single comment from the Biden administration on this effort to shut down Free Speech on an American platform.

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