This NATO elitist set the record straight with one mind-blowing confession that has Donald Trump beaming

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During Donald Trump’s Presidency, America largely avoided directly participating in any major global conflicts. 

In fact, many have even suggested that his efforts deserve consideration for a Nobel Peace Prize.

And this NATO elitist set the record straight with one mind-blowing confession that has Donald Trump beaming.

Experts agree that Trump helped to bolster NATO

In 1949, Western leaders formed NATO as a direct response to the growing threat posed by the Soviet Union.

From the moment Nazi Germany fell, the Soviet Union made it clear that they would not have a friendly relationship with the U.S. and other Western nations, and instead set their sights on communist world domination.

Although the Soviet Union has since disintegrated, Russia remains a prominent threat, however, many NATO members in Europe have failed to live up to the requirement that all NATO members must spend at least 2% of their GDP on defense. 

Many nations such as Iceland, Spain, and Germany have spent very little, if anything, on defense, as they continue to operate under the assumption that the United States would come to their rescue in the case of an invasion. 

For this reason, former President Donald Trump worked tirelessly to apply pressure on these freeloading nations to reduce their dependence on the United States.

Although many leftists ridiculed Trump for these actions, many experts agree that they yielded positive results, including U.S. Ambassador to NATO Julianne Smith. 

Last Thursday on CBS News, Smith admitted that Trump was right all along.

“What we decided ten years ago is that every member of this alliance should spend 2% of their own GDP on their own defense,” Smith said. “And by investing in their own defense, it ultimately makes the alliance stronger, because we have better forces, better capabilities, and the ability to support one another for any threat that we might face.” 

“We started with just three allies in the alliance spending 2%, and this year, we’re going to be somewhere between 18 and 20 allies spending 2%,” she added. “So, that’s a huge leap. I credit three U.S. Presidents: President Obama, President Trump, President Biden, they’ve all pushed on this. And now, we have two-thirds of the alliance spending what they need.” 

While Smith gives credit to Trump for helping to pressure NATO members to meet their 2% commitment, she also credited President Joe Biden and former President Barack Obama for some reason. 

Many policy experts do not agree with these conclusions, pointing to the fact that when Trump entered office in 2017, very few countries met the 2% threshold after 8 years of an Obama Presidency. 

Many on the Left resent Trump regardless of his policies

For many on the Left, Trump is public enemy #1, and everything he says or does is wrong, even if it is not. 

Donald Trump’s attempts to bolster defense spending amongst NATO countries is a prime example. 

Although experts such as Julianne Smith agree that his policies worked, Democrats and their media allies will never give him credit. 

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