The Biden regime hit this Christian University with an infuriatingly historic fine for breaking one archaic rule

Photo by Stanley Morales from Pexels

A large Christian University has found itself in the Biden regime’s crosshairs.

Even some on the Left couldn’t believe the regime would go this far to silence those with whom they disagree.

And the Biden regime hit this Christian University with an infuriatingly historic fine for breaking one archaic rule.

Liberty University finds itself engulfed in controversy as the Biden Department of Education hit the school with a staggering $14 million fine over violations of campus safety standards. 

This bombshell revelation has sent shockwaves through the conservative community, raising questions about accountability and fair treatment.

According to the Biden Education Department, Liberty failed to meet the requirements of the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act (Clery Act), neglecting to provide accurate crime statistics and mishandling reports of sexual assault. 

This unprecedented fine marks the largest ever imposed for Clery Act violations, signaling a severe lapse in compliance at the influential Christian university.

In response to the fine, Liberty has agreed to allocate $2 million over the next two years towards on-campus safety improvements and compliance enhancements. 

An outside accounting firm will oversee the implementation of these measures, ensuring transparency and accountability in the University’s efforts.

The Biden Education Department’s findings paint a damning picture of Liberty’s past practices, citing a lack of administrative capability and failure to comply with sexual violence prevention and response requirements. 

Among the alleged violations is Liberty’s failure to properly classify and disclose crime statistics, including inaccurate and incomplete daily crime logs.

In a statement addressing the settlement, University officials expressed frustration with the Biden regime’s handling of the investigation, claiming selective and unfair treatment compared to other Universities. 

They acknowledged past deficiencies in compliance, but disputed the investigation’s methodologies and findings, insisting that Liberty had made significant efforts to address the issues raised.

However, this is not the first time Liberty has come under fire from the Biden regime.

In October 2023, the university faced a leaked preliminary report from the Biden Education Department outlining numerous alleged violations, and a proposed $37.5 million fine. 

Liberty vehemently denied many of the accusations laid out in the report, including allegations of sexual assault involving top University officials.

The controversy surrounding Liberty underscores the broader debate over campus safety and accountability in higher education. 

As one of the largest Christian universities in the United States, Liberty’s actions are closely scrutinized, especially given its ties to prominent Republicans and its conservative honor code.

However, the recent revelations of Clery Act violations have cast a shadow over its reputation, prompting calls for greater transparency and oversight.

As Liberty University grapples with the fallout from this unprecedented fine, questions remain about why this old rule was enforced to this extent in this instance. 

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