Illegal aliens are dancing in the streets thanks to the insane taxpayer-funded gift Democrats just handed them

Photo by U.S. Customs and Border Protection, Public Domain, Flickr

New York City continues to be overwhelmed by an influx of illegal immigration but that’s not stopping the city from continuing to dole out taxpayer-funded gifts and incentives.

They’ve already been housing illegal aliens at hotels throughout the city racking up a bill over $130 million in taxpayer money.

But now illegal aliens are dancing in the streets thanks to the insane taxpayer-funded gift Democrats just handed them.

Sanctuary Cities Not Prepared

With the Biden regime opening the floodgates at the U.S. southern border, allowing entry to record numbers of illegal aliens, it’s no shock that many have made their way to Democrat-controlled, so-called “sanctuary cities,” like New York City.

Thanks to Democrats’ open borders agenda, Democrat-controlled cities like New York, that have virtues signaled that they will happily provide for all illegal aliens every need and want, quickly became overwhelmed as they tried to keep up with the flood of illegal aliens.

Democrat-controlled cities and states always figured a wide-open southern border would only be a problem for border states like Arizona and Texas, and that the illegal aliens would never actually make it to more northern localities.

New York City has responded to the influx with egregious taxpayer-funded gifts for the illegal aliens.

New Handout, Courtesy of the Taxpayers

New York City was already housing the migrants at hotels throughout the city, racking up a bill of (so far) over $130 million, according to Vijay Dandapani, head of the Hotel Association of New York City.

But now, The New York Post is reporting that the city will soon start a new program to hand out $53 million in prepaid credit cards to the migrant families staying in New York hotels.

The cash will be for food, allowing migrants to spend at bodegas, grocery stores, supermarkets, and convenience stores.

A family of four could be provided with as much as $1,000 per month.

Wole Coaxum, CEO of Mobility Capital Finance, the New Jersey company charged with running the program, said “[Our company’s] goal is to expand access to financial resources for individuals excluded from banking, such as asylum seekers, while helping the local economy.”

The Biden border crisis is expected to cost New York City taxpayers $10 billion through June 2025.

Tough Lessons for open borders Democrats

Democrat-controlled cities and states will continue to learn some very hard lessons as they deal with illegal immigration.

First, they’ll realize that the choice before them is to either continue draining their coffers, raise taxes to transfer wealth from working class American citizens to illegal aliens, or finally work with Republicans to secure our country’s borders.

Second, they’ll realize that taxpayer handouts will only encourage MORE illegal immigration. 

Fortunately, the last couple of years have seen many Democrat Mayors, Congressmen, and Senators start to wake up and change their tune on border security.

Next, we’ll see how many find their fiscal conservatism if the surge in illegal aliens continues, and municipal budgets remain strained.

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