The BIden regime is taking a page out of Communist China’s playbook with this capitalism-destroying authoritarian scheme

Photo by Brett Sayles from Pexels

The ruling class elites are always looking for new ways to seize more power and control over working-class Americans.

But at this point politicians and unelected bureaucrats are running out of ways to achieve such control without outright authoritarianism.

And the Biden regime is taking a page out of Communist China’s playbook with this capitalism-destroying authoritarian scheme.

With a radical reinterpretation of the Bayh-Dole Act, the Biden regime aims to wield unprecedented power over patents, effectively seizing control of businesses and dictating prices at will.

At the heart of this power grab lies the “march-in” authority, a provision of the Bayh-Dole Act that has never been invoked in its 44-year history. 

Yet, the Biden regime seeks to weaponize this authority, using it as a tool to enforce price controls on patented products derived from taxpayer-funded research.

This move marks a dangerous departure from the principles of capitalism, as the regime seeks to replace market dynamics with bureaucratic fiat. 

By allowing government bureaucrats to seize patents and dictate prices based on their subjective judgment of “reasonableness,” the Biden regime threatens to stifle innovation and entrepreneurship.

Under this proposal, no industry is safe from government overreach, abuse, and corruption.

From microchips to surgical devices, the regime‘s reach knows no bounds. 

Even industries as diverse as agriculture and automotive could fall victim to Biden’s overreach, with unelected, ruling-class bureaucrats empowered to seize patents and disrupt entire industries.

Moreover, the regime’s plan extends far beyond economics, encroaching on property rights and individual freedoms. 

By tying patent rights to political agendas like collective bargaining and diversity quotas, the regime undermines the very fabric of American innovation.

But there is hope amidst the chaos. 

As the Biden regime’s true intentions come to light, working class Americans are waking up to the dangers posed by this radical proposal. 

Entrepreneurs, investors, and university researchers alike are calling on President Biden to disavow this destructive plan before it’s too late.

The battle to preserve American innovation is in full swing, and the country’s economic future is at stake. 

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