Geraldo Rivera went nuclear on “snobby, self-righteous” Rachel Maddow’s role in this firing

Screenshot via Youtube, MSNBC

Democrats and their media allies want nothing more than to silence and suppress anyone who doesn’t fully pledge their allegiance to their woke agenda. 

They’ll do whatever it takes to ensure they maintain monopoly control over the mainstream narrative.

And now Geraldo Rivera went nuclear on “snobby, self-righteous” Rachel Maddow’s role in this firing.

MSNBC hosts didn’t hold anything back when they went after Ronna McDaniel

After Ronna Romney McDaniel stepped down from the Republican National Committee, Comcast immediately hired her to be a new “political contributor” for NBC News.

But outspoken personalities at NBC News’ sister station, MSNBC, were having none of it.

MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski called McDaniel an “anti-democracy election denier,” and Brzezinski’s husband, Joe Scarborough, suggested that their opinions should have been considered. 

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow took it a step further, comparing McDaniel to a “mobster” who had been hired “at a DA’s office.” 

“You wouldn’t hire a pickpocket to work as a TSA screener. And so I find the decision to put her on the payroll inexplicable,” she said.

Ultimately, the MSNBC hosts’ public meltdown and toddler-like tantrum was successful, as McDaniel was fired before she even appeared on-air for a single second.

Rivera says NBC blew its chance with “the ultimate GOP insider”

NewsBusters slammed the talking-heads for the “two days of on-air temper tantrums” that led to the ouster of McDaniel. 

A video compiled by the outlet showed just how much time Democrats’ media allies spent complaining about the decision to hire Senator Mitt Romney’s (RINO-UT) niece.

Geraldo Rivera also stepped up-to-bat for McDaniel on social media, attacking the network for letting their hosts step in to silence the recently ousted RNC Chair. 

“At NBC, Ronna McDaniel is getting washing away by a tsunami of pretentious bull s***,” he wrote.

Rivera said that the network had a great opportunity to have “the ultimate GOP insider” on their network, but they blew it “because they hate Trump.” 

“The former RNC was hired for her background. . .to say now that she’s inappropriate is bogus,” he added.

One user responded by saying that he was “literally crying about how righteous” the MSNBC hosts are in “ousting Ronna.” 

The Fox News veteran took the opportunity to continue his rant.

People should hear everyone’s “point of view”

Rivera said that “progressives like Maddow apparently do not understand. . . that God did not anoint them arbiters of right or wrong.” 

The fact is that it’s important to always offer balanced reporting, and he says that NBC News was throwing away the perspective of millions of Americans.

“75 Million Americans voted for Trump. Half of them still believe he got robbed. I reject the notion of election denial. It is patently false,” he said.

But Rivera says regardless of whether he agrees with Trump’s “bellicose falsehood” it is only his “point of view.” 

“NBC’s audience deserved to hear Ronna McDaniel’s point of view. She is the closest Trump insider to ever go public,” he said, totally exaggerating McDaniel’s connection to Trump.

Rivera added that “Maddow and her snobby, self-righteous crowd made sure Ronna would not be heard, at least not on NBC” and to him it is “inexplicable. . .[and] indefensible.”

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