Zelensky wants to follow Biden’s lead and Build Back Better

President Joe Biden is currently trying to pass his disastrous “Build Back Better” spending boondoggle under the ironic new name of the “Inflation Reduction Bill.” 

But Biden isn’t the first one to use the phrase, “Build Back Better,” and he won’t be the last either. 

In fact, Ukrainian President Volodomyr Zelensky is using the “Build Back Better,” in his country. 

Rebuilding Ukraine

Russia invaded Ukraine at the end of February this year. 

Since then, the U.S. government has sent a total of $54 Billion in aid and arms to Ukraine – much of it unaccounted for. 

But Ukrainian President Volodomyr Zelensky wants more – much more. 

According to a study by The Kyiv School of Economics, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has caused about $108 Billion in damages. 

Interestingly, that damage assessment was funded by U.S. tax dollars. 

However, the University’s study says it will cost a lot more to rebuild the country – assuming there still is a country to rebuild once Russia is finished. 

The Kyiv School study is calling for about seven-times that amount – $750 Billion. 

Why do they suggest the rebuild will cost seven-times the amount of actual damage? 

Because they want to follow the World Economic Forum model of “building back better.”

President Joe Biden also borrowed the WEF model for his chief policy proposal since taking office, his “Build Back Better” socialist spending package. 

So far, Biden hasn’t been able to pass the massive Social Justice spending plan – however, repacked under the name “Inflation Reduction Bill” it is now all-but assured to pass under the Senate’s reconciliation budgetary process. 

But whether the bill passes in the U.S. or not, Zelensky still wants to “Build Back Better,” in Ukraine. 

The same $750 Billion figure the Kyiv School study recommends, has been cited by Zelensky on numerous occasions. 

“Now we are working on a long-term plan for the recovery of Ukraine,” A Zelensky deputy said last month. “It defines the list of national reconstruction programs. We have incorporated the Build Back Better principle into this plan.”

Democrats obsessed with “Build Back Better”

And it appears Democrat politicians are eager to not only pass “Build Back Broke” – as the GOP calls it – here stateside, but they want it in Ukraine as well. 

In fact, vote whips for a new round of money for Ukraine have begun in caucus. 

Fortunately, this time around, Republicans are saying they want a full accounting of the $40 Billion we just sent to Ukraine before they vote to send anymore. 

President Biden has repeatedly tried to blame his economic woes on Russian Premier Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. 

However, inflation and gas prices were already skyrocketing before Russia made its move. 

But there is no doubt the conflict in Eastern Europe has negatively impacted Americans’ wallets – with the President saying it’s a sacrifice Americans should be willing to make. 

Should the U.S. give Ukraine money to “Build Back Better”?