You won’t believe who just called Donald Trump a “dictator”

Grade-school name calling seems to be what Democrats do best since the day they woke up and found out that Donald Trump was their new President in 2016.

But now a so-called “Republican” is lobbing insults at the presumptive 2024 presidential candidate.

And you won’t believe the petty reason she says Trump is a “dictator.”

A former Republican Governor lobbed the insult at Trump after he issued a conditional endorsement for Alaska’s Governor.

Apparently, Christine Todd Whitman, former Governor of New Jersey, isn’t happy Trump is targeting her fellow Republican In Name Only (RINO).

No doubt, Trump’s promise to “Drain the Swamp” when he took office in 2016 is continuing now that he’s the head of the Republican Party.

No matter how much RINOs hate it – his job is to shape the party to make sure it’s upholding the platform it promises to uphold.

So, when Trump said he would endorse Alaska’s Republican Governor, Mike Dunleavy, it came with one big “if.”

Dunleavey will have to drop any support for Senator Lisa Murkowski in order to get Trump’s backing.

Ironically, that’s about the most basic and straightforward political maneuver ever.

In fact, we can guess that one reason it’s infuriating left-leaning Republicans is because it’s too straightforward and honest.

And when Trump said Murkowski “has been very bad for Alaska,” he wasn’t kidding.

As an op-ed in the Homer News put it, “After strongly opposing the election of President Donald Trump and helping Joe Biden take power, Murkowski immediately set about enabling Biden’s radical agenda.”

Biden certainly has delivered nothing but trouble for the conservative state, shutting down energy exploration and confirming a radical environmentalist Secretary of the Interior.

As a result of Murkowski’s support for Secretary Deb Haaland, Alaska’s citizens have lost billions of dollars, thousands of jobs, and are likely to lose access to 60 million acres of hunting land.

No doubt that will be a major blow to average families facing skyrocketing grocery store prices in one of the most expensive parts of the country.

While left-leaning Republicans can call Trump a dictator, those living in Alaska know quite a bit more about what it feels like to be pushed around with life-changing, unreasonable dictates.

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