You won’t believe who has been bragging about hoarding COVID test kits

The Fake News Media continues stoking panic over the Omicold variant of COVID-19.

Now in-home COVID testing kits are getting harder and harder to come by.

And you won’t believe who has been bragging about hoarding COVID test kits.

Some so-called “reporters” are taking to social media to brag about their impressive hoard of COVID test kits.

While the Biden administration tries to get a handle on kit shortages, journalists have apparently been clearing the shelves of the kits and then hopping on to Twitter to showcase their hauls.

In fact, CNN’s Chris Cillizza considers the tests a “gift” to himself.

Each box contains two kits, but for some reason, Cillizza felt the need to order a full case of COVID kits.

And he’s not the only one.

Washington Post White House reporter Seung Min Kim shared a bag full of COVID test kit boxes as a “birthday present.”

Interesting how these “journalists” consider a nose swab a great and grand present.

The hoarding ways of these “reporters” are reminiscent of the runs on toilet paper during the original COVID “Stay At Home” orders that left Americans asking their neighbors if they could spare a square.

Now, take a closer look at one of the kits inside Kim’s shopping bag.

Made in China.

Talk about presents and gifts and Christmases and birthdays – the same place that let the virus out into the world is making the kits to test for the virus.

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