Yellowstone fans are beside themselves over the shameful betrayal Kevin Costner just pulled

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Yellowstone fans have been awaiting the release of the second half of the series’ final season for nearly 18 months now but production only began last month.

That’s largely because the show’s Hollywood superstar of a lead actor decided that he’d rather do other things than finish the series the right way for viewers who have devoted years to it.

And now Yellowstone fans are beside themselves over the shameful betrayal Kevin Costner just pulled.

Kevin Costner will be back on television soon, but not in his starring role on Yellowstone.

John Dutton heads to Fox Nation

Instead, Costner will be starring in a new show on Fox Nation that will launch in the first three months of 2025.

The news comes as Variety reported that Yellowstone is currently in production on its final episodes without Costner after he delayed production for over a year while demanding that his already limited filming schedule be reduced even further to accommodate a so-called “passion project” he could’ve simply started after he fulfilled his contractual obligations and ended the series the right way for its millions of fans who have watched since day one.

Nevertheless, Axios reported that the new Fox Nation show “offers Costner and other Hollywood stars a platform for passion projects about topics like faith, outdoor living, and true crime that are targeted to Americans in the middle of the country.”

Costner has had a previous stint on Fox Nation for Yellowstone One Fifty, a 2022 docuseries about the 150th anniversary of Yellowstone National Park.

Axios pointed out that Fox Nation has been working to broaden its offerings away from just news and opinion.

The Fox News streaming service has been dubbed as “Netflix for Conservatives” by The New York Times.

In May, Fox Nation announced it was partnering with famed director Martin Scorsese for an eight-show series about historic individuals who achieved sainthood, including Joan of Arc, Francis of Assisi, John the Baptist, Thomas Becket, Mary Magdalene, Moses the Black, Sebastian, and Maximillian Kolbe.

And Costner’s docuseries about the history of Yellowstone National Park drew “hundreds of thousands” of subscribers, according to Fox News Media chief digital and marketing officer Jason Klarman.

Costner joins an already expanding Fox Nation

Fox Nation currently has roughly 2 million paid subscribers, Klarman said.

“The big categories that have really just popped are comedy, faith, true, crime, and American history and exceptionalism,” Klarman added.

Throwing Costner into the streaming service’s lineup could help further increase subscriptions.

While Yellowstone goes on without him, Costner is currently working on his aforementioned “passion project,” a four-part movie entitled Horizon.

“There’s real drama in how people crossed this country,” Costner said in an interview with Entertainment Weekly about the movie.

“There’s always this tendency to think it was a simpler time. It was infinitely more difficult. You were dealing with unknowns. You didn’t know where you were going. You had to arbitrate your own problems,” he added.

“When you were confronted with issues, you had to make up your mind very quickly in very tough situations. Sometimes, life and death situations. Try that on a daily basis and see if you don’t want to live with your computer and s***,” he said.

“If you search for stories, you find incredible drama and realize that it’s not a land in Disneyland. It’s not Frontierland. It was real stakes. And it was a 200 or 300-year struggle to cross this country,” he said.

While Costner continues with all his projects not named Yellowstone, fans are left with little choice but to hold a grudge against the actor for not being willing to do just eight final episodes.

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