Years of wokeism are finally catching up to the military in the worst way possible

Over the last couple of years, the military has been completely transformed. 

Like many other American institutions, the military is being overwhelmed with “woke” ideologies, which is distracting from their primary purpose. 

But now it looks like years of this woke indoctrination is finally catching up to the military in the worst way possible. 

The United States military has been turned into a left-wing social engineering project

Over the decades, the United States has earned its reputation as the most well-equipped and feared fighting force in the history of humanity. 

Unlike many nations, the citizens of the United States have little to worry about when it comes to foreign invasions. 

The mission of the United States military is pretty simple. 

And that is to protect the United States and the people of the United States at all costs. 

Unfortunately, the radical Left is doing everything in its power to completely change this. 

The Left does not care about protecting the United States, they only care about enforcing their extreme social agendas. 

Under Joe Biden’s rule, the military has become completely “woke,” and this dangerous game is beginning to backfire spectacularly. 

According to Politico, the Army has achieved just 66% of its recruitment goals for the fiscal year, which ends in September. 

This is concerning on many levels and the United States is less safe as a result. 

These concerns were echoed by Rep. Mike Gallagher of Wisconsin who argued “We are on the cusp of a military recruiting crisis. When Republicans take control of Congress in a few months, averting the recruiting crisis will be a top priority.”

Why playing woke games with the military is so dangerous

Something the Left needs to understand is that playing woke games with the military is a very dangerous idea. 

And now it appears that it is starting to seriously impact recruitment. 

Over the last couple of years, reports have leaked indicating that the military is teaching recruits Critical Race Theory, along with LGBT inclusion seminars. 

This is not something taxpayers should be paying for, and these lessons are a massive waste of time. 

Soldiers need to be trained on how to fight wars, not to be obedient little social justice warriors. 

But this problem goes much further than woke lesson plans. 

According to reports, soldiers at boot camps are now allowed mental health breaks, and many boot camps have been made co-ed with tiny female drill instructors barking orders at soldiers. 

War does not have safe spaces and time for mental health breaks.  

Soldiers need to be trained to be tough mentally and physically, and ready for war. 

What Joe Biden and the far-left are doing is making the military weak and ill-preparing America for future wars. 

The weakening of the American military is one of the top national security threats this nation is facing at the moment. 

Countries such as China and Russia are toughening their military up like never before, and are laughing at this wokeism. 

The United States needs to completely change the way the military is run or the consequences could be deadly. 

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