Writers across the nation are floored over this shocking woke policy change

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For the radical Left, the pursuit of “wokeness” has consumed every part of their lives. 

And each day the goalposts change, making this a never-ending pursuit meaning no matter how hard you try, you can never be “woke” enough for leftists. 

But now writers across the nation are floored over this shocking woke policy change.

The Left is truly starring in a leading role of the Theatre of the Absurd.

It’s almost as if every day they try to see just how far they can get the American people to go in their everchanging ‘woke’ play.

Corporate America has still not learned its lesson about bowing down to the woke mob

In recent years, fearful of the radical Left, most major corporations have completely upended their corporate culture and image in order to bow down to the woke mob. 

Virtue signaling is now more important than profits and product development for many companies, and as a direct result, many companies are struggling economically.

And until these corporations fear conservatives as much as they fear the radical Left, it will only continue. 

This bowing down to the woke mob does not just apply to businesses and universities, but it also applies to many services and guidelines put out by established experts. 

One such service is the media giant the Associated Press

The Associated Press is a massive global corporation that is known mainly for its news-related things.

Destroying the AP Style Guide

But one of their flagship projects is the AP Style Guide, which most English writers across the world use.

Now they’ve decided to completely destroy it in their pursuit of Leftist approval. 

Just recently, the Associated Press Style Guide released an “Abortion Topical Guide” that allegedly instructs writers and reporters how to correctly write about abortion topics and issues. 

However, not too surprisingly, this Guide is shamelessly pro-abortion in its changes and suggestions. 

According to the AP’s Abortion Topical Guide, when referring to Pregnancy Crisis Centers, writers should “avoid potentially misleading terms such as pregnancy resource centers or pregnancy counseling centers, because these terms don’t convey that the centers’ general aim is to prevent abortions.”

The Guide added, “Explain later that these often are known as ‘crisis pregnancy centers’ (with quotation marks) and that their aim is to dissuade people from getting an abortion.”

The Guide also directs reporters and writers to use the modifiers “anti-abortion” or “abortion-rights,” rather than “pro-life,” “pro-choice,” or “pro-abortion”. 

These suggestions are entirely pro-abortion in their bias, which has turned heads all across the nation, and the globe. 

The entire point of a style guide like the AP Style Guide, is to create a standard method to communicate complicated topics. 

This Abortion Topical Guide does nothing of the sort, instead, it aims at eliminating pro-life reporting and pro-life opinions, even when they are backed up by facts and science. 

The Left wants to eliminate anybody who does not think like them

The recently released AP Abortion Topical Guide is a case study of how the Left tries to erase any viewpoint that does not step in line with their radical woke agenda. 

Changing the ways the reporters frame issues is a very overtly political move, and the fact that this guide is so partisan in nature is an outrage to writers everywhere. 

This Topical Guide proves once again that the Associated Press cannot be trusted, and pro-life writers must completely shun their style guides moving forward. 

A functioning Republic must allow viewpoints from both sides of an argument to be in order for people to honestly form their own opinions. 

Guidebooks such as this one are nothing short of brainwashing, and they have no place in America. 

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