Woke teachers can’t believe how many Americans disagree with them about pronouns

The Social Justice Snowflake takeover of American institutions like Bid Education, Big Media, and Big Tech has moved culture dramatically to the Left. 

Many American teachers have used their platform to indoctrinate students with more woke anti-American nonsense. 

But those same teachers won’t like a new poll showing Americans’ true feelings about fluid pronouns.

This isn’t what we learned in grade school . . .

She/they, He/them, ze/zir, the LGBT community has completely changed the American language into something unrecognizable. 

According to them, “them” can apply to a single person – despite what the grammar lessons in English class taught you. 

But it turns out Americans aren’t in favor of this genderless revolutions taking place in U.S. classrooms. 

The fact is, a majority of Americans believe children should not be able to choose their pronouns if they do not align with their biological sex.

The numbers aren’t on Democrats’ side

A new Harvard-Harris poll finds 59% of Americans believe kids should be referred to by their biological name and pronouns – not their “preferred ones.” 

The study shows independents strongly breaking away from Democrats on this issue and with the GOP.

77% of Republican respondents sided with biology, while 61% of Democrats say children should go by their make-believe name and pronouns. 

Independents side with the GOP on this issue, with 64% saying students should be called by their given name and gender, versus only 36% saying it should be up to the child to decide. 

The issue largely breaks down by where people live. 

53% of urban residents say kids can pick their own names and gender – compared to 47% who disagree. 

However, in the suburbs, 61% side with science – compared to 37% who side with “feelings.” 

And it’s even more of a pro-science stance in rural communities, where 69% support biological gender, and just 31% want to go with the fictional gender. 

Furthermore, 60% of those polled said preferred pronouns are an “excessive measure that does more to confuse kids about their sex.”

Looking deeper into the numbers from the Harvard-Harris survey, by a margin of 63%-37%, respondents opposed making “misgendering,” or “deadnaming” a fireable offense for teachers.  

Interestingly, there was no statistically significant difference between parents and non-parents on this question. 

Meanwhile, a full 73% oppose making failure to use someone’s preferred pronoun or name illegal discrimination. 

Disturbingly, 27% of Americans believe it should be an official crime to “misgender” someone.

It’s not like this polling came from some right-wing conservative outlet

It should be noted with any Harvard-Harris poll, Mark Penn is the Chairman of The Harris Poll. 

Penn is a registered Democrat who was the lead pollster for both of Bill Clinton’s presidential campaigns. 

Bill’s wife, Hillary, employed Penn for her Senate campaigns in 2000 and 2006. 

He was also Hillary’s chief strategist in her 2008 primary against eventual nominee and President, Barack Obama.

He also was the pollster for Tony Blair in the UK back in 2005.

And of course, “Harvard” in “Harvard-Harris” refers to the far-left Harvard University – the last place anyone could accuse of harboring a secret “right-wing bias.”

The survey was conducted online within the United States from May 18-19, 2022. 

1,963 registered voters were surveyed.

Which pronouns should teachers use when addressing students?