Woke extremists were left totally bewildered after this bombshell report on the nuclear family revealed one encouraging trend

Photo by Ioann-Mark Kuznietsov from Unsplash

The radical Left is doing everything they can to push their Marxist agenda on the American public.

They know that the biggest obstacle to them is the nuclear family and they’re on a mission to destroy it.

But woke extremists were left totally bewildered after this bombshell report on the nuclear family revealed one encouraging trend.

Marxists seek to weaken families and harm our nation

The Marxist agenda has been made clear — they want to destroy the nuclear family. 

The destruction of the nuclear family will inevitably lead to societal collapse, allowing woke extremists to build their new system.

This has been the conservative battle cry against the Left for years. 

A study in 2022 seemed to back up their efforts by highlighting how broken families fail their children.

The Institute for Family Studies (IFS) published the report in 2022, and it suggested “Strong families, Better Student Performance.” 

The study found that students raised in any situation other than their two biological parents were much more likely to achieve poor scores in school, and have disciplinary problems.

These students were over 50% more likely to have issues that result in the school contacting the parents, and over twice as likely to end up failing an entire school year. 

That’s exactly what the radical Left wants.

In 2005, nearly one-third of children were being raised in broken homes

For some time now, there has been growing concern that through indoctrination in the entertainment industry and the government school system, these ideologies were winning. 

Research from the IFS has pointed to that decline in two-parent households in recent decades.

The studies seek to answer a simple question: What “proportion of children under 18 [are] living with two parents, single parent, [or] neither parent?”

In 1960, nearly 90% of children under the age of 18 lived with two parents, and it began crashing down at a rapid pace. 

By 1990, it was below 75%, and in 2005, it hit a scary figure of 67.3%. 

The implications for American children couldn’t have been more grave. 

We were headed to a place where the nuclear family was totally irrelevant.

Now, a new report from the IFS is showing a glimmer of hope.

“Marriage-minded” couples could be at an advantage

“The Resurgence of the Two-Parent Family” was published by the IFS earlier this month, and it gave conservatives a reason to celebrate. 

For the first time in over 40 years, the trend is beginning to reverse, and more children are being raised in two-parent households.

The percentage rose to 71.1%, which was the highest number since the study was done in 1990. 

Just 25% of children were living with only one parent, and less than 4% lived without either of their biological parents. 

The author, Nicholas Zill said that “the trends reviewed here show us that those who predicted a relentless increase in family instability or single parenthood were simply wrong.” 

Pointing to people being “selective” about parenthood is creating a scenario where “marriage-minded” couples “may have an advantage in childbearing.” 

This is a major positive development for conservative Americans, and a great indication of what is to come.

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