Woke extremists are up-in-arms after this pro-life group launched one Elon Musk-inspired campaign

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Pro-Life groups need to do a lot more to change American culture if they’re going to save lives.

The abortion industry is prolific and their content dominates cultural spaces across the country.

And now woke extremists are up-in-arms after this pro-life group launched one Elon Musk-inspired campaign.

Radical environmental group warns about the risk of population growth

Pro-Life groups are fighting a two-front war against those who wish to normalize abortion in the name of so-called “bodily autonomy,” and those who are seeking to control the population. 

The powerful abortion lobby is creating a culture where people fear having kids, and it could threaten our future.

In 2017, San Francisco based Fair Start Movement said that “the decision to have kids has to go beyond ourselves and toward thinking about the children who will be born, and the society and world they will inhabit.” 

In 2017, they penned an open letter that urged people to stop having more than two children. 

They cited climate change as a potential impact of families larger than four. 

It’s a dangerous ideology that seeks to undermine human progress and put a cap on the number of humans on the planet.

“There’s a profound need for more children in the world…”

One organization is taking a firm stand against the efforts to control the global population. 

Pro-Life group and diaper manufacturer EveryLife is trying to change the culture to save the future.

That’s why they are beginning work on a “Making More Babies” campaign.

“There’s a profound need for more children in the world, and EveryLife is here to take a bold stance that we disagree with population control ideologies,” Sarah Gabel Seifert told Fox News.

Seifert founded EveryLife to ensure everyone recognizes “every baby is a miracle from god who deserves to be loved, protected, and supported.”

The co-founder says that their latest campaign “isn’t just about promoting” EveryLife, but it’s also “a powerful affirmation of [their] core conviction that every child is a gift,” and they know “no other diaper company will speak out and say the same.” 

The company also recognizes the need to create a major change in the culture of death that is wreaking havoc on our society.

America is facing a “collapsing birth rate…”

Now, EveryLife has launched one of their biggest assets in the “Make More Babies” campaign — a Times Square billboard quoting Elon Musk. 

The message is simple, “Having children is saving the world.”

EveryLife took over the billboard earlier this week for a half hour, and will continue running the ad through the weekend.

Musk hasn’t commented on their use of his quote, but he would likely support them in their endeavor. 

In the past, the billionaire entrepreneur has warned about the dangers of “a collapsing birth rate.” 

Musk maintains that it is “the biggest danger civilization faces by far.”

In May of 2022, the Tesla and SpaceX founder shared a graphic from the Wall Street Journal that pointed out that the American birth rate has been “below min sustainable levels for ~50 years.” 

Replacement rate refers to the number of children that need to be born to cover lives lost each year. 

If we don’t reverse this trend, then it’s highly likely that the American experiment will disappear into thin air. 

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