Will there be an infamous October surprise this year? Here’s what to look out for in the coming months

You’ve probably heard the term “October surprise” – when a major event sparks a change in an election’s expected outcome.

This year, there’s talk of plenty of October surprises that could be heading our way.

But what can we expect from these last-minute surprises, and how would they change the results of the Midterms? 

There are less than 100 days till the Midterms – brace yourselves

With under 100 days remaining until the 2022 Midterms, there’s bound to be a major newsworthy event that could change everything.

October surprises have long been a part of American history, and this year is likely to be no different.

Some of the big issues to look out for include changes in state abortion laws, the possibility of Trump announcing his decision to run in 2024, and a very real chance of total economic collapse.

Democrats claim that anti-abortion measures are backfiring, causing many voters to change their stance and possibly sparking them to vote Democrat this year.

While that might be true, not every voter will rely on this issue alone to influence their decision at the polls.

The abortion debate has already been raging for decades, which means it’s not likely to cause any more surprises this year. 

It’s the economy, stupid

Political infighting and regime changes always play a massive role in election outcomes.

Ultimately, it’s the economy that will likely spark a true October surprise. 

A bump in job numbers simply isn’t enough to bring inflation numbers down. 

As interest rates soar thanks to Federal Reserve policy, most people can’t afford to finance new loans, let alone pay off the ones they have.

Student loan recipients are also expected to begin repayments this fall after more than two years without paying.

On top of that, the Strategic Petroleum Reserve releases are ready to expire, which also means that gas prices could skyrocket in October. 

Couple this with the Democrat’s massive new tax-and-spend boondoggle, and you’ve got a recipe for disaster at the voting booth.

There’s plenty of division and unrest to go around, so brace yourself for protests or even something as simple as voters changing their minds last-minute.

And while Donald Trump found himself targeted in what clearly appears to be a politically-motivated FBI raid, it doesn’t mean that there won’t be anything new with the Hunter Biden investigation, either.

Both of those issues have a chance to influence voters and how they view each party.

Many Democrats are pushing for new candidates, assuming that their fundraising efforts will bring them a Midterm victory.

However, Americans are suffering with high prices, stagnated wages, and little hope that their tax bills will decrease anytime soon.

This could mean that the GOP has a good chance of sweeping the Midterms all across the map.

Keep your eyes open as we approach the month of October to see just what surprises could shift the American election landscape. 

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