Whoopi Goldberg and The View just went on a blatantly racist tirade against Tim Scott that will leave you sick to your stomach

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The 2024 election cycle is heating up after Senator Tim Scott became the latest candidate to enter the race.

Democrats are predictably making stomach-churning remarks about the Senator and his race. 

And now Whoopi Goldberg and The View just went on a blatantly racist tirade against Tim Scott that will leave you sick to your stomach.

Whoopi Goldberg and The View are sow hatred and division

Now that almost all television programs are consumed via streaming services, daytime television is becoming increasingly irrelevant. 

The View is one of the few remaining daytime television shows that gains notoriety these days, and every show, Whoopi Goldberg and her pack of jackals make revolting comments to keep themselves relevant. 

Time and time again, Goldberg, Joy Behar, and the other co-hosts have made racist, anti-Semitic, or otherwise disgusting remarks, at times even resulting in their suspension from the show. 

Just last Monday, Goldberg reacted to Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) announcing his Presidential candidacy, and as you may imagine, she did not have kind words for the lone black American to have ever served in both the U.S. House and Senate.

“If you’re running for President, you got to do more than that,” Goldberg claimed. “You have to represent us as a nation and then say, ‘And as a black man this is also how I feel,’ but you can’t pretend that it’s not there, that it’s not an issue for the people you’re running – for the Party you’re running for. They are, in part, the problem.” 

Fellow co-host Sunny Hostin chimed in by claiming that the Senator was “talking about victimhood and personal responsibility as if people aren’t taking responsibility for their own actions. It seems to me that the Republican Party has a real racism problem.” 

Goldberg took things one step further by claiming that Senator Scott suffers from “Clarence Thomas Syndrome,” referring to Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.

This is not the first time Goldberg has made race-baiting comments. 

In fact, she’s built her career around these sorts of vicious remarks – which shouldn’t come as a surprise when you consider the fact her last name isn’t actually “Goldberg,” and that she only chose to use it as a stage name because she thought Jewish entertainment executives would discriminate against her for not being Jewish, a thought process clearly based on anti-Semitic conspiracy theories.

Last year, Goldberg was suspended from The View for weeks after claiming that “ the Holocaust isn’t about race,” and was simply “about man’s inhumanity to man.”

And instead of apologizing or clarifying her comments, she later doubled down on her nonsensical comments.

“They were not killing racial – they were killing physical,” Goldberg claimed, once again proving her ignorance on the matter. “They were killing people they considered to be mentally defective. And then they made this decision.”

Shows like The View become more irrelevant as Americans get sick of their race-baiting

Although The View is one of the most prominent daytime talk shows in the nation, its ratings remain low. 

The truth is, Americans do not want to watch a posse of out-of-touch, senior citizen C-list personalities espousing left-wing propaganda, hatred, and division. 

The real reason why Whoopi Goldberg and other Democrats hate Senator Scott is because he and other black conservatives prove that their narratives are completely bogus. 

Prominent Democrats want to keep black Americans, like Tim Scott, in their camp, and any effort to expose the brainwashing elicits vicious responses. 

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